Chris Redman talks with ITV

ITV caught up with former Cardinal great Chris Redman on Friday and discussed the Baltimore Ravens, Bobby Petrino and the BCS.

ITV visited with former Cardinal quarterback Chris Redman on Friday as he prepared to work out with another former Cardinal quarterback, Dave Ragone.

ITV: First talk about how your early sessions went this spring in Baltimore?

Redman: Mimi camps went real well and I think I am a lot further ahead of schedule then I thought I was going to be with my back injury. For having surgery in January I feel great. Everything is going well. I think our team does not look as young as it did a year ago when we were the youngest team in the NFL's history. We are more mature with more experience and I think we will be very competitive.

ITV: I was talking with your dad a few weeks ago and he was telling me you told him your back is felling better then it's felt in years.

Redman: Possibly since high school honestly. It's crazy to say but when I hurt my back in Louisville really early in my freshman year. I kind of learned how to deal with it throughout college and now it feels great. I wake up in the morning and it's not as tight, so I am real excited about it.

ITV: What do you think about the competition you have in Baltimore?

Redman: Well, it's good competition. We drafted a guy, Kyle Boller in the first round. He is as good as there is right now as far as coming out of college. He is a good quarterback, but I got a little experience on him and I feel like I am in a good position right now.

ITV: What do you think of Coach Petrino coming in? Obviously you had some success under him that first year.

Redman: I am real fired up. I know he is working them hard. He will get the program were it needs to be. I think he is going to do a great job. He already has had a great recruiting class. I wouldn't be around right now if it wasn't for him. I really think a lot of him.

ITV: With Michael Bush being Male High School alum as well and possible playing quarterback, have you had a chance to talk to him? Has he approached you at all about pointers?

Redman: Yeah, we have talked a bunch. My dad was coaching at the Kentucky – Tennessee All-Star game. I went down to watch them practice and watch the game. He is just a phenom. Right now he is pretty raw as far as fundamentals, but I think that is where Petrino is going to come in. I think he does a great job grooming quarterbacks and being real hard on the fundamentals. I think he is going to be really good. I think he's in a great spot and I look forward to watching his career.

ITV: What kind of reception do you get when you come to the football facility, especially from the younger guys?

Redman: It's still pretty good. I still know some guys that are playing. I try to watch them as much as I can. They don't realize how much bragging rights and how much trash talk with Adalius Thomas and Conference USA there is. I definitely keep up with them when we come back and I think we all get along and they ask questions and I try to tell them like it is.

ITV: What do you think about of all this conference talk and Louisville possibly getting into the BCS?

Redman: I think it would be awesome. Obviously I think it would be the right step for the program. It will get Louisville were it wanted to be originally with Howard Schnellenberger saying this is going to be a team that talks about national championships. We get this opportunity to get in a bigger conference that's one step closer to getting back to those thoughts.


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