What others are say about Teddy Bridgewater

University of Louisville sophomore quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has a chance to be one of the top players in the Big East this season. Cardinal Authority will have an in-depth feature with Bridgewater later today, but for now here are a few quotes from what others are saying about Bridgewater.

University of Louisville head coach Charlie Strong

"Teddy is just continuing to just get better and better each and every day, continuing to make the throws. He's very comfortable in the offense right now. Coach (Shawn) Watson has done a great job where Teddy now has become a student of the game, where he really understands and commands the offense."

U of L linebacker coach Brian Jean-Mary

"The maturity he showed for a true freshman is rare. He met expectations, if not exceeded them. Teddy is type of quarterback that scrambles to get open and give his receivers time to get down field. We had to figure that out on defense. He stays alive - almost like a Ben Roethlisberger – and that's when he's so dangerous."

U of L wide receiver Damian Copeland

"Teddy's grown up. He's matured. Teddy looks so much more confident that he did last year, very confident. He's growing into his own."

U of L senior center Mario Benavides

"Last year, I feel like he was about as mature as a freshman could be. I feel like as far as how he approached the game, he already has that mentality, and he had it. The improvements you are going to see is that he's bigger and stronger. We have been happy with attitude from day one."

U of L backup quarterback Will Stein

"He's got all the physical tools you could think of in a quarterback – size, speed. But quarterback is a lot more than that. He's grown his IQ out there on the field, and I think the sky's the limit for him and this team this year."

U of L offensive coordinator Shawn Watson

"He's matured a lot. Teddy would probably tell you he had a long way to go (physically). He was a skinny dude. He's done a remarkable job in the weight room. Coach Moorer has done a great job with him and that will help on the field."

U of L running back Dominique Brown

"From a physical standpoint, he's just looking bigger and stronger, but he's a great kid and the most humble player on the team. He's improved a lot this year. He's my roommate and a great kid to be around."

U of L offensive lineman Alex Kupper

"He's a year older, been in the program and is just so much more comfortable with the system. Not that his decision-making was all that bad last year because he made some phenomenal plays, but we look for him to make no mistakes."

U of L defensive back Andrew Johnson

"He's really reading his keys and learning defenses. He works at it all the time and then if he does make a mistake, he'll come ask what defense we were in after practice. He's really improving a lot."

U of L defensive back Terrell Floyd

"He's really improved. Teddy is way better on reading the coverage's now, he's just become a student of the game and is a better quarterback."

U of L linebacker Preston Brown

"Every day going against Teddy, he's made us a better defense. He's a great player and really is going to have a great season."

U of L defensive coordinator Vance Bedford

"I love our offense and what they are doing. Teddy Bridgewater is a talented athlete with a good arm. Right now, I am glad I don't have to play against our guys."

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