From the locker room: U of L over UNC

It wasn't pretty in the second half but it's still a victory. Louisville is now 3-0 after a 39-34 victory over North Carolina on Saturday. The Cardinals now head to the road for three games, starting next Saturday with Florida International. Here are a few quotes from the locker room after the UNC game:

CHARLIE STRONG, Louisville coach: "It was a tale of two halves, where in the first half we were unstoppable on offense, taking the ball every drive and scoring. Defensively we were able to make plays allowing them only one score. The reason we won is because of our fans and the excitement and energy that they brought into the stadium. They made it hard for them (Carolina) to make their checks at the line of scrimmage and we knew coming in that this is a high-tempo offense that wants to make their checks at the line. The noise of our fans is the reason why and at the end of the game when we needed to make a play we made a play. We were able to somehow go out and get a victory. That is what happens in the game of college football when you get a big lead. We are not a mature enough team to go out and play well and I told them at halftime that if we are a mature football team we would not lose our focus. We will go out and finish this game. It is so hard when you big lead and have a young football team the way we do and just did not go out there and finish the game."

STRONG: "It's not that they lost intensity, it's all about your focus and going out there and finishing the game. You open up the third quarter and you drive the ball and then get stopped on fourth and one and then North Carolina gets a big play for a big touchdown. It's all about us maintaining and making sure that we can stay focus with our players. The coaching staff has to keep coaching also. . . . A lot of times you like to run the ball and keep the clock running, but when you get backed up that's when you have to go make that throw. They were able to get pressure and get two sacks. We just have to continue with our offense."

Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville quarterback: "We just have to learn how to finish. We can't take our foot off the gas. We learn something new every week, and this weekend it was learning how to finish. I feel like we lost our tempo. In the first half we were moving and playing with the up tempo. In the second half that tempo wasn't there."

Andrew Johnson, Louisville cornerback: "I just know we have to go out and play defense like we are capable of playing. We have played great defense every week. We have a great team - great linebackers, great D-line, and great secondary. We just have to play better defense."

Jeremy Wright, Louisville running back: "I'm not even sure (what happened in the second half). I'm guessing UNC changed up their defense. They adjusted and we just couldn't get it done. But, we definitely have things to work on."

Damian Copeland, Louisville wide receiver: "A lot of little things went wrong. Special teams during the blocked punt and the fumble on the kickoff return. It is little things like that we can continue to execute and get better at."

Larry Fedora, North Carolina coach: "From what I can remember from the first half, it looked like a lack of effort, a lack of intensity, a lack of passion, a lot of mental mistakes, you name it whatever could go wrong went wrong in the first half. You got to give Louisville credit, but we can't play football the way we played in the first half." He added on the second half, "It's hard to say, but there were a lot of missed assignments (on defense) early on in the game, and you got to put a lot of energy in it and play with enthusiasm and when you keep giving up play after play; eventually you just don't have it anymore. I think that's what happened early in the game with the defense"

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