Louisville coaches forced out of the box

MIAMI - One of the biggest turns in the University of Louisville's 28-21 win over Florida International happened just before kickoff. And not many folks knew it was going on. The coaching staff was unable to use the headsets from the press box, making offensive coordinator Shawn Watson call the game from the field. Cardinal Authority has all of the details, including why it made it tough.

University of Louisville offensive coordinator Shawn Watson usually has one of the best seats in the house during games.

Perched in the press box, Watson and other coaches are watching the game with headsets on, making adjustments as they see them from high above the stadium.

But that wasn't the case on Saturday night in Louisville's 28-21 victory over Florida International at FIU Stadium.

"We found out right before the game we weren't going to be able to use the headsets, "U of L coach Charlie Strong said. "Ours were working, but (Florida International's) weren't. Any time one team doesn't have headsets then you have to take them off and not use them. It was critical."

Watson called it "very hard" because of the ability to be able to see more as the game develops and also spread out, and use the headsets after a series to explain to quarterback Teddy Bridgewater what he sees from high above.

"We had to take all information from the kids," Watson said. "We found out right before kickoff. I think it changes a lot because you can't actually see everything you need to see in terms of detail to what is going on. It makes it a little harder to call, a little harder to sort out what is happening.

"We had enough eyes on the field where I thought we did a good job picking up blitzes. But the detail of it, you're going to miss a little bit of that."

Tight ends coach Sherrone Moore is also normally upstairs for the offensive staff. Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford always calls the game from the field, but he normally has several defensive assistants in the box also watching.

"That was very different, because usually when he's up in the box I can come back to the sideline and get on the headset and he tells me what the defense is doing out there," Bridgewater said. "It was different."

Strong said the staff has to deal with little hiccups like that but "it wasn't easy."

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