From the locker room: U of L escapes

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – The University of Louisville football survived a downpour and a deficit, rallying on a flooded field to beat Southern Miss 21-17 on Saturday night. Here are a few comments from the locker rooms:

U of L head coach Charlie Strong:

"To come and survive the conditions we survived, it speaks volumes about our team. We talked to them about refusing to lose. Watch how we battled and we just refused to lose."

More from Charlie Strong:

"Defensively, we were able to get the stops. When we are able to play well on defense, you can see that it sparks the whole team."

U of L defensive tackle Brandon Dunn:

"We had high energy on defense and we fixed our mistakes fast and were just ready to go for the second half. We just knew they had to run the ball because of the weather. We knew they were not going to throw the ball, so we locked down on the run. There wasn't a tactical adjustment, basically coach would tell us we were not tackling right, so we fixed our tackling."

U of L quarterback Teddy Bridgewater:

"We still have a lot to learn even though we are 5-0. This year is a new team and we have a different attitude. Last year, we struggled playing from behind. This year guys are just all into it."

U of L defensive end Deiontrez Mount:

"Definitely these were worse conditions compared to last week. When we came in at halftime, we just said the weather is not changing and the rain is not letting up, so we just had to go out there and play in it."

U of L safety Calvin Pryor:

"Anything could have happened out there in that rain. Like when the Southern Miss punter missed it and fumbled the ball and put us back into position. I really wasn't concerned, I knew we just had to make some adjustments."

U of L center Mario Benavides:

"It was a nasty game. But it is what it is. We should have played better but given the circumstances, I will take a road win any way. A game like this last year we wouldn't have won. The great thing about it is when we go watch films, we know that we can be way better."

Southern Miss coach Ellis Johnson:

"Certainly, I'm not disappointed with the effort and the fight we had and all the things e did to give us a chance to win the ball game. I'm just really disappointed for our players. You can point to any one of four, five, six, seven little plays that didn't go our way and it would have made the difference in the ball game and is just didn't happen.

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