Kyle Bolin discusses ACL injury

Louisville quarterback commit Kyle Bolin suffered a torn ACL during the first half of his Friday night game against Boyle County. The Lexington Catholic product spoke with Cardinal Authority on Monday evening and provided an update how he's responding to the season-ending injury.

Following a junior season that saw his team reach the state semifinals, Lexington Catholic quarterback Kyle Bolin and his team had high hopes for the 2012 season. This past Friday night, while playing Boyle County, Bolin's aspiration of leading his team to a state championship came to a halt when he suffered a season-ending injury.

On Monday afternoon, Bolin confirmed via Twitter the unfortunate news that he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

The injury occurred during a quarterback draw, when Bolin's foot stuck to the field while he was attempting to slide.

"I actually called the play that it happened on, but I can't second guess myself because that would just make matters worse for me," Bolin told Cardinal Authority on Monday evening. "I have to remain positive because that will help me to recover even quicker."

Bolin, a 4-star prospect, has maintained a positive attitude since suffering the injury and learning of it's severity on Monday.

"A lot of people have been telling me that it's ok to be upset and to keep my head up," said Bolin, who wears a protective brace and using crutches. "I understand that, but I just haven't had any negative feelings about the injury happening. It‘s bad timing that it happened during my senior year, but I know that my team will continue to have success."

"The worst thing I can do is to get down about it, so I have to stay positive," he continued. "I play football and injuries like this happen. Some of the best players have had this type of injury and have come back from it."

Bolin listed a number of football players, including Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, who have suffered similar injuries and gone on to achieve success in the professional ranks.

"RG3 tore his ACL and came back strong enough to win the Heisman. I think this will be a learning experience and that it will motivate me even harder to become the player that I know I can be."

A date for his knee surgery has yet to be scheduled.

"It'll be 2 to 3 weeks for the before the surgery," he said. "They want to make sure that the swelling goes down before doing the surgery and that there‘s nothing else to worry about. There's no need to rush, so we're going to take it slow."

Through six games, Bolin threw for 1,556 yards and 14 touchdowns. He's also rushed for 187 yards and 4 scores. Before leaving the game late in the first half against Boyle County, Bolin pushed his career totals to 7,038 passing yards and 63 touchdowns.

The future Cardinal spoke with the U of L coaching staff on Monday afternoon.

"They're supportive, 100%," he said. "I talked to them right after I found out that my ACL was torn and they said that they're behind me and said to listen to the doctors."

Bolin, who anticipates making his official visit in January, hopes to be at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium when Louisville hosts South Florida on October 20.

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