C-USA Football Media Day: Coach Petrino

From Conference USA's Football Media Day Head Coach Bobby Petrino comments on the Cardinals quarterbacks and running backs.

On the quarterback situation:
Right now, I don't know who it's going to be. I know that in the Spring, Stefan LeFors and Justin Rascati I thought did a good job competing for it. Stefan is a young man, 6' tall and only 200 lbs. He is very athletic, moves really well and has a quick and accurate release. Justin is more of what you call a pocket-passer, a big kid, a little over 6'3 and about 220 lbs., he does a nice job in the pocket, but he has to understand the speed of the game a little more. I think as a red-shirt freshman, he needs to catch-up with the difference in the speed between high school and college and anticipating the receiver being open and throwing the ball before he's open, understanding the secondary, so he has a way's to go. But, they did a nice job in the spring and we'll probably add one more guy in the mix when we get there in the fall.

On the running backs:
Eric Shelton is a young man, a transfer from Florida State back to Louisville, he's about 6'2, 240 lbs., and very physical, runs well and has good speed - I would expect him to have a really good year. And, there's Lionel Gates is a young man; I guess both of them would be considered the starters right now. Lionel gives a different punch than Eric, he's faster, and he's good at catching the ball out of the backfield so they help each other out in their different styles. And, we have a freshman coming in, Kolby Smith, who I like a lot too. It will be interesting to see how well Kolby does right off the bat. He wants to play his freshman year, he's not interested in red-shirting, so we'll give him that opportunity.

C-USA Video of Coach Petrino (Real Audio)

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