From the locker room: Cards edge USF

Teddy Bridgewater hit Eli Rogers on an 11-yard touchdown pass with 1:35 left in the game to rally Louisville in a 27-25 win over South Florida. The Cardinals moved to 7-0 on the season after the contest. Cardinal Authority was in the locker room and has the following post-game quotes:

U of L coach Charlie Strong:

"I guess were called the ‘Cardiac Cards' now. It was great to see our football team come back after being down and then be able to put that drive together at the end. They took The Opening drive down the field and get three and we were able to answer and go up 14-3 going into the half. At halftime, I told the guys we have to go out and play the second half. We have to finish this game. We gave up two jump balls. Our defense looked really good in the third quarter on that goal-line stand. We haven't had a goal-line stand like that since I've been here. It was great to see our defense go out and defend the goal line like that. They got five downs, but luckily we jumped off sides on the touchdown play so we were able to go back out and stop them on fourth down. Then, to watch our offense take the ball with three minutes to go in the game and two timeouts remaining and go score. We usually practice two minutes. What I do is say there is a minute and 35 seconds to go, give them one timeout and say we need a touchdown. Luckily, we had three timeouts and three minutes to go and we were able to move the ball down the field."

More Charlie Strong:

"Well an ‘A' for the win, but I will be able to grade it more tomorrow when I get a chance to look at it. You just like the way our team came back and how they fought after being down. I will say this to you, last year we would not have come back and won this football game. When they scored down there at the end, there is no way we would have fought the way we fought to come back and win this football game. Now, they have grown up and matured some and it has become real important to them. Winning is becoming really important."

South Florida coach Skip Holtz:

"Seems like we have been here before. We had our opportunities."

U of L quarterback Teddy Bridgewater:

"During the game, it doesn't, but after the game you have your teammates coming up to you telling you great job, and that's how legends are made and it gives you a good feeling knowing that you helped lead your team to victory. I wasn't scared at all. My mind was completely blank."

U of L linebacker Preston Brown:

"We just knew we had to keep everything in front of us (on the final drive) and make sure they didn't go out of bounds. We did that for all but one play. We just knew we had to come out there and make plays."

U of L wide receiver Eli Rogers:

"I think I had a good performance, but like I said, it's not about me. It's about the team. It's about the offensive line. It's about Teddy and without the receivers running their routes, it's not possible for me to make a play. After the dropped pass, I was just thinking get back and make a play. You can't dwell on the past, or a play that just happened. You just have to focus on the next play."

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