From the locker room: U of L nips Cincinnati

The University of Louisville football team survived with a 34-31 win over Cincinnati on Friday night at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. The Cardinals are now 8-0 on the season after John Wallace's 30-yard field goal in overtime. Here are a few quotes from the locker room after the Big East Conference game.

U of L coach Charlie Strong

"Each week it's going to be like this, so just prepare yourselves.

"The only thing I can say is when you talk about tenacity, when you talk about finish, you talk about resiliency - that's what you look at with this football team. When you get down 17-7 and you're down 24-14. And then we're backed up on the goal line and Teddy (Bridgewater) makes a throw out to (Damian) Copeland who makes an unbelievable catch. And then we go and throw a touchdown to DeVante (Parker) who also makes an unbelievable catch with one foot down. Then we get the ball and we're trapped and we can't throw the ball after DeVante and he makes everybody miss and he goes for another. That was a big time play right there.

"But then defensively, you like to see us with 1:57 to go in the game and they take the ball and there's two timeouts left, hoping we can get a stop. And if we can get the stop, then it'll make them use their timeouts, but we weren't able to get the stop and throw the ball up over our head and then get the game into overtime. And we come and Terrell Floyd gets the interception, then we were able to run the ball, get the ball into field goal range and go punch it in and get the field goal - and get the win.

"It's amazing. That locker room is very happy right now. We didn't play very well the first half. We weren't in synch on offense. We made a lot of mistakes just in the rhythm. Defensively we were able to get two turnovers and kind of kept ourselves in the game on defense just because of the plays we were making. But we have to get better. That's good. You win a football game and you know you can still improve and this football team knows it - I just told them that. We're 8-0, but still we can go play so much better. We have yet to put together a 60-minute game."

More Charlie Strong

"They called the timeout (before the game-winning field goal). The ball was close enough. I think we had it on the 12-yard line. When you see that play when the ball was snapped over Will Stein's head, I thought, ‘Oh God.' But they had blown the whistle (for the timeout) and (long snapper) Grant Donovan said he heard a whistle, so he just shot the ball backwards."

U of L quarterback Teddy Bridgewater

"It wasn't easy. We have overcome adversity and it's just a good feeling. I don't even know where it ranks right now. I'm still thinking about is victory."

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On his thoughts in the overtime: "I was just relying on our defense to get a stop. Once the defense was able to stop them, we were able to punch it in."

U of L defensive back Terell Floyd

"The quarterback was locked on the receiver and I knew he was going to throw the ball. I just went under the receiver and got the pick."

U of L quarterback/holder Will Stein

On the field goal in overtime: "I wasn't expecting them to call a timeout. But he called it, and thankfully he did."

U of L kicker John Wallace

"I just knew what I had to do and stayed focused. It felt pretty good.

U of L running back Senorise Perry

"We're 8-0 and we still haven't played our best. But we're excited to be 8-0 and look forward to the next game.

Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux

On his interception in overtime: "With a bigger guy like Travis Kelce I tried to throw the ball up so he can go up and make a play, but the cornerback did a great job on breaking and reacting on the ball, and he made a great play. That's one of the plays you wish you could have back, but you live or die with it."

Cincinnati coach Butch Jones

"Obviously this was a great college football game, I think two teams going at it. I'm very proud of our kids I thought they showed a lot of resiliency, especially on the road and come back and tie the score for overtime. They made one more play in overtime and that was the difference in the game."

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