From the locker room: Samford victory

University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino wasn't overly excited despite his team's easy 80=54 victory over Samford on Thursday night. Pitino wasn't pleased with the effort in the second half. Here are some quotes from the locker room:

U of L head coach Rick Pitino

"We played very good defense in the first half. Our pressure was good. Then, the second half, we watched the score and didn't play the type of defense we needed to play, granted we didn't press, but we didn't play the type of defense we are capable of playing. It is one thing to miss shots, but to let down defensively, when that is your staple, is very disappointing. We didn't get better in the second half and I was hoping we would, but overall it was a good game for us."

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(On Hancock's poor shooting): "I think you have to give him a break, because you come off double shoulder surgery. The thing we really have to work hard on with our shot is all our guys are what I call ‘dart shooters.' A lot of players are ‘dart shooters.' They shoot the ball here and throw a dart and they have to get the ball up in air at least six inches out and up. And that is what Kevin (Ware), Wayne (Blackshear) and Chane (Behanan) do not do. We are going to work hard on that. We had them for a while and then they revert back to the old habits."

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"We improved our rebounding which was a staple of where we wanted to improve obviously. We got wide open shots, with the exception of Russ (Smith) taking challenged shots there at the end so he could call daddy and let him know he scored 30."

U of L point guard Peyton Siva

"We have to get a lot better on our defense. We have a lot to learn and we have a lot to get prepared for down the road. Everybody did hit the glass hard and was our main emphasis this week and we did a better job. We just played awful defense in the second half, so we need to improve that."

U of L forward Wayne Blackshear

"Coach preached getting on the boards. He wanted us to come out there aggressive and grab every rebound. We kind of took our foot off the pedal in the second half, we just have to learn that killer instinct."

U of L center Gorgui Dieng

"We rebounded like we should have. Chane had 18 and I had 13 tonight but we have to do that every night. We can't just do it one night. It's easy to do one time. If you can control the glass like that we will be a great basketball team."

U of L guard Luke Hancock

" I missed shots. I just missed some today that I feel will go in tomorrow. I know I can shoot. I shoot the ball well every single day. I just need to keep working."

Samford coach Bennie Seltzer

"We went to zone. We played - I think, 20 minutes of zone - the entire second half. Some of those guys took a lot of shots, but we knew Russ Smith was a very good shooter. He got a couple of open looks that I thought he probably shouldn't have, but those others we knew were somewhat streaky, but we wanted to make sure we knew where Russ Smith was at all times. And we lost him a few times, but the difference that we made was we just went to zone. It hurt is in rebounding, but our man hurt us in rebounding as well. We just thought we just had a better chance of stopping those guys as a result of being in our zone."

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