From the locker room: Cards deck Miami

The University of Louisville men's basketball team decked Miami of Ohio on Sunday evening, going 3-0 with an 80-39 victory over the Redhawks. Cardinal Authority was at the game and has reaction from the locker room.


"That's the best we've played between the Red-White scrimmages and exhibition games. Obviously, you look good when the ball goes in. We played tremendous defense. Everybody really played very well to the defensive end, rebounded well, very active and we needed to have a great game going into the strongest field I've ever seen since I've been a coach (in the Bahamas). . . . This was a great game for us. We certainly played all phases of the game extremely well."


"I tried playing everybody except the assistant coaches. I really tried to; we took off our pressure. You never want to scale, but you want to stop pressing. You always want to defend. If you look at Cincinnati, as I look at certain schools, certain things stick out to me: one is Cincinnati, the other is Syracuse in our league. They stick out as really playing defense for a full 40 minutes and playing very well. We thought thing team would give us problems, but we shot so well and, when you shoot so well, you get your press on that many more times."


"We are a defensive team. We win with our defense. If you shoot like we did tonight, everything looks great. Shooting, without question, cures a multitude of sins. In 2005, we had six-and-a-half players and went to the Final Four because the point, the wing, and two other wings shot the ball. Shooting can cure all your problems and you don't see all the problems a team has. That is not us. I am happy we shot it well. I am happy we moved the ball well, but we win because of defense. This team is built on defense. It was last year, and it will be this year."

U OF L JUNIOR Luke Hancock

"That's the type of defense we want to play. The team looked great. We played well on the defensive end and pushed the ball on offense and got easy shots. People were cashing their open looks so we can't complain."

U OF L FRESHMAN Montrezl Harrell

On his second half steal and dunk: "I just baited the steal. I saw them sitting back and I saw him throw it, and went and got the steal. That's just how I play, I go out there and play hard and try to help the team whenever I can."

U OF L SENIOR Peyton Siva

"We played really good defense. Our shots are going to fall, we just have to worry about defense. We played well tonight.

Miami COACH John Cooper

"First of all, it was obviously a great job by the other team. I was talking to coach (Rick) Pitino before the game and I've heard all the things about them not making shots and I think it's interesting that everybody's saying that, because I think one of the things that they have created is that they've been able to win games without making shots. So now when you start making shots, it makes you almost a dual-headed monster. It also gives you confidence as you go through the season, because there's going to be points where they don't make baskets, but they'll always know that they're going to be in the game and they're going to be competitive. They did a terrific job and they were just so much better than we were and of course we couldn't score, but attribute some of that to their defense certainly."

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