From the locker room: Cards romp

The University of Louisville men's basketball team moved to 8-1 on the season with an easy 99-47 victory over Missouri Kansas City on Saturday. Here are a few quotes from the locker room after the victory at the KFC Yum! Center.


"Obviously, I think Russ (Smith) played a fantastic game. He keeps getting better, better and better. He can create easy buckets for you off his defense and is shooting the ball extremely well. I thought all of the guys played as well coming off that performance against Charleston. Obviously, this team is building, and they're overmatched physically tonight, but we are pleased to get the victory."

"You know a lot of people, I don't say this myself, but people take (Russ Smith) for granted. They think he is just a playground player. I felt sorry for him and gave him a scholarship because I have known him since he was little and coming to my basketball camps. I say that facetiously, but he has grown into a very good basketball player. . . . We laugh and joke with him so much around here, that nobody takes him or like your question seriously. I wouldn't campaign for him, but without question I think he is one of the premier guards in the country."

"I don't think we can judge too many things because we overpowered this team, but he did play well. I think the last three years, we have had the best attitude I have had in a long time with any basketball team. Guys are having a lot of fun and they aren't under a lot of pressure. They played a great road game with Charleston. Montrezl (Harrell) is really improving. Zach (Price) and Stephan Van Treese is really, really improving. They asked me a question a while ago if it would benefit your team by some guys stepping up while Gorgui (Dieng) is out. Without question, as long as we win that is true."

"You saw a variety of things from (Luke Hancock) today. You saw the old school move in the lane where he makes the bank shot off one foot and then you see him explode and dunk the basketball, while adding four assists at halftime. He does it all; he is the best basketball player on our team. He knows how to play the game of basketball best, along with Peyton. He is starting to get better. Wayne is starting to get better. Kevin is getting better, and they are all getting their confidence up."

"I can't run any more plays for Russ. Peyton and Russ get more pick and rolls than any tandem in the country."

Missouri Kansas CITY COACH Matt Brown

"We have already played Ohio State, we've played Seton Hall, we've played Louisville, so our guys, with all due respect, have been to this venue a couple times now. It's different. I was an assistant in the Big East for quite some time with West Virginia, so I'm familiar with this league. The Summit league is a one-bid league. The more I can prepare our kids to play the best teams we can without injury, which we did today, and hopefully do good in our league, that's all it comes down to. We bounced back from Ohio State and got some good wins, hopefully we bounce back from Louisville. We have three home games next week one of which is against Iowa State. I told our guys the only better team we can play from here is number one. We've already played number three and number five. "

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