From the locker room: Louisville beats FIU

In the battle of the Pitino family, University of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino had the upper hand on his son, Richard, on Wednesday night. The Cardinals got double-doubles from Peyton Siva (15 points, 12 assists) and Chane Behanan (14 points, 11 rebounds) in a 79-55 victory over Richard Pitino's Florida International team. Here are a few quotes from the locker room:


"We did some good things offensively and got some good work against the zone. Western Kentucky is going to play a lot of zone so it was good for us. We got a lot of work on our man defense, which we needed. We got a little bit better than the Memphis game but we still have a long way to go on defense. We are just not playing the kind of defense I want to play. We don't rotate a third and fourth time. But we are improving and that is key."

"We were ready for it, our guys were ready with the exception of early in the game with their press, they played their plays very well. Indicative of a team who is doing a good job of paying attention is when you see a low assist total. They had six in the game. That means you are stopping their options and he runs some really good offensive sets. About the only thing they could get was the dribble penetration and that is where we broke down sometimes."

"I didn't even know (son Richard Pitino) was down there (on the other bench) during the game. I was just trying to get our team ready because we are going to be thrown into the fire and we have to improve and we are running out of time. It is obvious that we are really missing Gorgui (Dieng) at the defensive end and we OK without him on the offensive end but we really miss him on the defensive end. But the other guys are really getting some good work in."

"(The Billy Minardi Classic celebration) is going to be great. It is tough talking about your son, but he is going to be a great coach he really is. He ran some really good offensive sets. He is a little small now; he doesn't have the shot blockers he wants right now. His defense is not going to be where he wants it. He is starting from the bottom and he had to bring in eight new players and that is not easy to do. I started at Boston University and the similarities are there. We didn't draw any people. I used to sit up in what was called the Eilberg Lounge and you could see the people walking in before the game. You could literally count the people as they walked in the beginning. He is going to go through the same type of stuff, except they are going to go into Conference USA and obviously they can recruit a higher caliber basketball player. But he has about four or five really good basketball players. His big guys aren't where they need to be for the future, but that is what he is working on. He is going to have a really good basketball player named (former U of L player) Rakeem Buckles next year."

"Peyton played real well. I was just a little disappointed because we don't throw interior chest passes, and he did that twice. You are either going to have to throw the lob, or throw a bounce pass. He kept throwing chest passes, and you can't do that because they do a good job at getting a hand up."

Florida International COACH RICHARD PITINO

"Certainly they are one of the best teams in the country and we knew that coming in. There were a lot of things we had to do defensively due to their size and talents. Give them credit they are an unbelievable team. This was good experience for our guys. The key for us is to turn the page and learn from this."

"I thought it was going to be weird (coaching against his father), I really did, but then when you get through the course of the game, you're worried about the next play you want to run. You're worried about the next defense you're going to be in. You're worried about who you're going to sub in, so I don't have time to stare at my dad or wave at him. I have to focus on the game. It was special. I think it was the one time ever that you look down at the [other] bench and you love those guys. I love all those kids. I love the coaches. I certainly love my dad. I love the staff. They're just such great people. We had such a great time with them, so I'm fortunate for the opportunity to come in and play."

"Peyton (Siva) has been - I watch every game - and he's been so smart this year, whereas in the past he used to make a lot of silly mistakes. You look at him today. He hardly took any bad shots. We were really trying to shut down penetration and he didn't force it. He shot eight shots and they were eight threes, but that was by design. We didn't want to let him drive. We basically trapped him when he tried to drive. And he had 12 assists. He knew that it was part of our game plan to try to take him away and certainly he did other things. He's a smart, smart player. I think he's the best point guard in the country and besides being the best point guard in the country, the kid is the nicest person in the world. He is such a special, special person. He's really what college basketball is all about and he deserves success for a long, long time."

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