Jurich: Cards "very strong" NCAA compliance

University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich reassured the media on Wednesday that the status of football assistant coach Clint Hurtt has not changed. Hurtt, who has been implicated in the NCAA's investigation into recruiting violations at the University of Miami, is the defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator.

University of Louisville assistant football coach Clint Hurtt has been in the news lately since he was implicated in a recruiting scandal that took place during his time as an assistant at the University of Miami.

Hurtt, who is the defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator at Louisville, has been with the Cardinals for three seasons.

On Wednesday, U of L athletic director Tom Jurich told media members that Hurtt's status with the school has not changed and answered questions about the situation with Hurtt and Miami.

"That's a deal between Clint and the University of Miami right now," Jurich said. "There's really nothing that we know about at this time."

Jurich talked to reporters less than an hour before the NCAA announced its investigation into Miami is on hold while an internal review is conducted into how the enforcement staff handled the investigation. Earlier this week at least one national report said Hurtt was likely to receive a notice of allegations from the NCAA by the end of the week, citing sources.

"I don't believe any allegations have even been made to him, not to my knowledge at least," Jurich said. "When they do, he'll get his due process and get his chance to speak, and he'll deal with that. We'll wait for the final outcome, and we'll make our decision."

Jurich said he feels "comfortable" with compliance within his programs at U of L, noting that "Charlie (Strong) sets the tone for the football program."

The case is likely to go on for a lot longer. NCAA President Mark Emmert called the issues with the Miami case a "shocking affair" and said the Miami investigation would be delayed for weeks or even months.

Hurtt is not the only coaches implicated in the Miami deal. But several reports nationally have said once the NCAA sends out notice of allegations, those parties will have 90 days to respond. After that period, each coach will have a hearing.

It's likely now that any dealing with Hurtt won't be finished until sometime during or after next football season. Hurtt has not been implicated for anything he has done at U of L and several U of L sources don't believe anything from his time at U of L will be an issue with the NCAA.

"We're very strong in the compliance area and we want to continue to be that way," Jurich said. "It means a lot to us."

Hurtt and U of L head coach Charlie Strong are currently on the road recruiting.

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