Signing Day Quotable: Choosing Louisville

Here are quotes from members of the University of Louisville's Class of 2013 football recruiting class discussing their reasons for choosing the Cardinals.

Richard Benjamin

"It was great the bond that I made with the coaching staff. I love the fans, the town and just all the stuff like that, it's really great there. When I sat back and looked, I could just see myself playing at Louisville."

Kyle Bolin

"I knew early on that Louisville was where I wanted to go, so I committed early to get it over with, so I could focus on my senior year. I felt like it was a school that wanted me, instead of just being a school I wanted. The University has everything that I was looking for and the program is going in the right direction. Coach Strong and the coaching staff are guys that I feel comfortable with and they care a lot about their guys. Coach Strong is someone that I look forward to playing for."

Chandler Bridges

"It's been amazing for me because I committed almost a year ago and people were like, ‘Louisville?' and telling me that I could go somewhere else if something better came around. But I did a lot of research on coach Strong and his background and came to the conclusion that I wanted to play for him. I knew that Louisville was the place I wanted to be. I can't say that I predicted (Sugar Bowl win, Strong staying and move to the ACC) but I knew good things were going to happen."

Lyn Clark

"I really like coach Strong a whole lot. He's a regular guy who can hang out with the players. He's a great coach and he loves defense."

Donel Elam

"The atmosphere there is great around the program and I just felt like it was the place for me. The coaches, the fans and the team, they're all just what I was looking for when I was looking for a college."

Cameron Fraser

"Louisville just had the ‘it' factor for me. And that's pretty much what it was, it just felt like it was the perfect place for me. It had everything that I wanted when I was there and I couldn't pass it up. It was perfect."

Keith Kelsey

"It was the bets fit for me. I have been knowing coach Strong for a long time and he coached my dad, so there's a lot of long-term relationships going on there. I am really excited about being able to play for him."

Skylar Lacy

"The main reason I felt like Louisville was the place for me was because of the relationship I built with the coaches. And No. 2 was it's a great school, it's only two hours away and my dad can see every game. It was great for me."

Finesse Middleton

"I sat down and had a great conversation with coach (Charlie) Strong and they're headed to the ACC. I can only see this program going up."

Brett Nelson

"It's a great situation for me. It's kind of a talking situation with the coaches and I know Teddy is the starter. If I do well enough, then I could be the backup but still redshirt unless something bad happens to Teddy."

James Quick

"Both (U of L and Ohio State) were great choices. But having a quarterback like Teddy (Bridgewater) there throwing to me for at least one year was a big reason. Without (Bridgewater) at U of L, I don't know what I would have done."

Terrence Ross

"They just make you feel like a family at Louisville and that's what I liked. You are far from home and don't have anybody there with you, so it's important that the atmosphere is like a family and that's what it was there. The players and the coaches are awesome and the team is doing good things.

Kyle Shortridge

"I looked at the coaches and just really felt like I could learn from them. I like coach (Charlie) Strong and coach (Clint) Hurtt a lot. They're going to make me work hard and I think will get everything they need to out of me."

Keith Towbridge

"Louisville is just a great fit for me. I like all of those coaches, I keep in contact with coach (Tommy) Restivo and have built a good relationship with the tight end coach (Sherrone) Moore. It's just the place I really felt comfortable."

Chucky Williams

"In the end, I picked Louisville because I know I am going to get a great education there and I had a good relationship with the guys up there. The population (of the team) includes a lot of guys from Florida, so I felt like I fit better. It's a true blessing for me to be able to go to Louisville."

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