Clint Hurtt "status quo" at Louisville

University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich addressed the situation with assistant football coach Clint Hurtt on Thursday with the media. Jurich confirmed his status with U of L has not changed.

University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich told the media on Thursday that football assistant coach Clint Hurtt will fight the allegations by the NCAA that he committed recruiting violations when he was coaching at the University of Miami.

Jurich said the allegations against Hurtt are considerable and that the coach will dispute many of the allegations and will use his own legal counsel.

After speaking to Hurtt, Jurich said "his story is much different."

Hurtt received his notice of allegations on Tuesday from the NCAA that told him what rules the NCAA alleged he violated. Hurtt has 90 days to respond to the NCAA.

Jurich said Hurtt won't be taken off the recruiting trail while the case is still pending, noting that Hurtt is "status quo" on the U of L staff.

"None of this happened on our campus," Jurich said. "I've said all along that since it did not happen at the University of Louisville, Clint is due his due process, and I think that's the only fair thing we can do as a university."

Jurich said the NCAA asked permission to speak to Hurtt in the fall of 2011 and noted U of L officials hadn't heard anything about the case until they received a copy of Hurtt's notice of allegations earlier this week.

"That's all we know," Jurich said.

But he added, "since Clint has been here, he's never done an iota wrong."

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