Jurich: ACC transition should be "seamless"

University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich met with the media on Thursday after announcing plans for a $17.5 million new soccer stadium. Jurich talked about several topics, including the move to the ACC and scheduling.

University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich recently attended his first meeting with the school's new conference – the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Jurich was part of the meetings late last month that had the athletic directors of all the member schools in attendance. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are joining the ACC next year, while U of L and Notre Dame are expected to join in 2014.

"The mood of the league was phenomenal and the way they embraced us was incredible," Jurich said. "They're truly excited for us and it was a very comfortable meeting to go into."

Jurich said because of the direction of ACC commissioner John Swofford and the other member schools he believes the transition will be "very seamless."

The school is expected to make the move into the ACC in the fall of 2014 but Jurich said at this point "it's too early to tell," an exact date.

"The Big East is working with us and they're great to work with," Jurich said. "Mike Aresco has a lot of things going on. There are a lot of moving parts right now in the Big East."

While there has been some chatter of realignment issues surfacing again with perhaps the Big Ten raiding the ACC, Jurich said he heard no talk of anything like that during the meetings with the ACC.

"There were no discussion or anything about anybody jumping anywhere," he said. "Everybody that I talked too seemed like they are very happy where they're at."

Jurich was asked about football scheduling and he called that "a big hurdle" for schools, noting U of L's current 2013 schedule took a major hit when Boise State and San Diego State backed out of joining the Big East.

He said it was "going to be easier" once the school is in the ACC, noting the Cardinals are expected to just be put into Maryland's slot. The Terrapins are leaving the ACC for the Big Ten.

There have also been rumblings of U of L trying to add a marquee early-season game in football next season but Jurich said the Cardinals are "locked in" to the schedule that is already set for the upcoming season.

"We'd look at any opportunity we possibly can, and we have looked at a lot of them," Jurich said. "But none of them have come to fruition."

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