Florida sleeper says Louisville is 'on top'

The University of Louisville football program has cleaned up in the state of Florida in recent years. The Cardinals are recruiting a bunch of stars from the Sunshine State in the Class of 2014 and several other under-the-radar prospects. Cardinal Authority talked to one of those prospects that attended Junior Day – Derius Davis.

Derius Davis isn't one of the better-known names of Class of 2014 football top prospects in the Tampa, Fla., area.

But the 6-foot-1, 215-pound Davis is hoping that changes.

Davis attended the University of Louisville's Junior Day on Saturday and had a blast, noting he has trips scheduled to several other schools.

"I have no offers but I have schools looking at me," Davis said.

He mentioned invitations from Georgia, Mississippi State and South Florida among some others. But after Saturday, Davis said he "really likes," U of L.

"Even if I did have a few offers, I would put Louisville at the top right now," he said. "It's a great place and the people around the school are really die hard fans."

Davis, listed as a wide receiver and cornerback at Alonso High School, said he was impressed with the U of L coaching staff and the attention to details by the Cardinals' coaches on Junior Day. He's being recruited as a defensive player.

"I really like how they broke it down on how their system runs and where they are headed in the future," Davis said. "I wish I could have seen more of the school itself. But I think Louisville is a really nice school and I like how their defense sets up and how they like laying man-to-man.

"I am the type of guy who can be put on an island and stop anything that comes my way."

Davis, who squats 505 pounds, had 30 tackles and one interceptions as a junior, while also picking up 350 yards receiving.

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