Q&A: U of L commit Shaqquan Aaron

PHILADELPHIA – Cardinal Authority sits down with University of Louisville commitment Shaqquan Aaron after his huge effort on Thursday at the Reebok Breakout Classic. Aaron had a camp-high 29 points in his first game.

University of Louisville commitment Shaqquan Aaron has been one of the top performers at the Reebok Breakout Classic in Philadelphia.

In his first game on Thursday, Aaron had 29 points and followed that up with another strong performance in the evening. The Seattle Rainier Beach standout also had a big LeBron James Skills Academy last weekend in Las Vegas.

Scout.com analyst Rob Harrington said he "has made an impressive transformation in recent months."

Alex Schwartz sat down for a Q&A with Aaron on Thursday, following his 29-point effort, for Cardinal Authority:

Cardinal Authority: Talk about the future at Louisville with Quentin Snider and JaQuan Lyle after being with them at LeBron.

Aaron: "Of course, excited for the future, just gelling with each other, see how each other's doing, how we're playing and everything. Just getting to know each other."

Cardinal Authority: What's your relationship with Lyle and Snider?

Aaron:"Good, me and Quentin always talk, I always check on him, see how he's playing, how is he doing. Right now JaQuan and him are playing on the same team, so I always check on them, see on Twitter how they're doing, things like that."

Cardinal Authority: What was your reaction when Lyles committed?

Aaron: "Even better, we're going to be even better, so I was happy."

Cardinal Authority: Are you guys out there recruiting?

Aaron: "I don't want say [who], there's guys in particular, but it's not just a couple guys. I'm looking at all these bigs, there's a lot of great bigs out here, so we're just trying to get a couple bigs with us."

Cardinal Authority: Anyone in particular?

Aaron: "There's a lot of guys, let's just say that."

Cardinal Authority: Have you talked with Trey Lyles and gotten a feel for him and where he might be headed?

Aaron: "I haven't talked to Trey. Trey's been gone with Canada for a while, so I haven't seen Trey in a while, he's been off the scene. Probably when I go play at Global Games I'm going to see him so I'll talk to him there."

Cardinal Authority: So you have talked with the staff about whom they are recruiting:

Aaron: "Actually, me, [Rick] Pitino, coach [Wyking] Jones . . . we all talk with each other, [they] ask who I would want to play with us, things like that. We talk it up, see who would fit perfectly with and sometimes I mention a big, like, ‘What about this guy?' And they're like, ‘Yeah, I'll check him out,' things like that. So we all talk to each other, [give] input [to] each other.

Cardinal Authority: Are you trying to visit U of L during the season?

Aaron: "Probably, probably see a big game."

Cardinal Authority: What are the coaches telling you to work on?

Aaron: "Just get stronger. I've been in the weight room, gained some pounds. That's pretty much it, so I can get my body ready for the next level."

Cardinal Authority: What's your current height and weight:

Aaron: "I'm 6'8 and I don't know how much I weight exactly. I'm gaining more pounds, so I haven't really weighed myself in a while."

Cardinal Authority: What's the strongest part of your game?

Aaron: "Just, there's a lot. I'm a team player, get everybody involved. I can score when you need, you just saw [that]. I'm locking up on defense, everything. I'm just trying to do everything."

Cardinal Authority: What are your goals for the summer?

Aaron: "Get better. Get better and have fun. And don't take plays off, keep playing hard every play.

Cardinal Authority: Where else this summer?

Aaron: "Global Games and probably adidas Nations. I have to look at my schedule, it's pretty busy."

Cardinal Authority: What's Reebok camp like?

Aaron:"It's pretty fun, playing games. I'm kind of tired, but I'm not going to let that effect my game. I've been traveling, I haven't been home in months. It's great, [I am] playing basketball, having fun."

Cardinal Authority: Anything else you want to add?

Aaron: "Shout out to my family out there, shout out to Cardinals fans out there. Shout out to Louisville out there."

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