U of L target Delgado a secret no more

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – One of the emerging top targets in the Class of 2014 for the University of Louisville is Angel Delgado. The native of the Dominican Republic has been one of the breakout performers of the Nike Peach Jam last weekend. Cardinal Authority caught up with Delgado for an update about his game and recruitment.

Now that Angel Delgado has been seen, NY Lightning director Dana Dingle believes Delgado isn't a secret to anyone anymore.

Delgado, who came to New York from the Dominican Republic, has been playing in the United States for only about a year. But he's become a wanted player in the 2014 class – Dingle said Louisville offered him in the past few weeks.

Cardinals coach Rick Pitino was even among the coaches watching Delgado'S Friday night game at the Nike Peach Jam. Delgado finished with a double-double in three of his games at the Peach Jam.

"A lot of the guys, this is probably the first time seeing him," Dingle said. "They probably heard about him late. The last two camps that he's been to, now nationally everybody's starting to recognize him for the player that he is and will become."

Dingle who's been handling most of the recruiting process for Delgado as the player continues to get settled in the United States, called Delgado a walking double-double and a rebounding machine. He also said Delgado's English has come far.

As for Delgado, while it excites him to see coaches watching his games, he said he's not worried about playing well or impressing people.

"I come to play for my team," Delgado said. "I play hard to win the games." Dingle said Louisville has been all over Delgado in the past month; Delgado listed Louisville along with Dayton, Kentucky, Georgetown, Florida State, Virginia and Seton Hall as the schools interested the most.

But some future specifics aren't clear yet: Dingle said they don't know where Delgado, whose 18 years old, will play for his senior year. Dingle also said there hasn't been any college visits set yet.

Despite all the sudden attention, Delgado isn't sick of it. Instead, he's doing his best to focus on basketball. The 6-foot-8, 215-pound player said he started playing basketball in the Dominican Republic when he was 8 years old. But Dingle said Delgado didn't receive the kind of coaching he gets now in the United States.

However, Delgado's efforts and improvements are starting to be seen by everyone now.

"Everything they heard, now they got to see it for themselves," Dingle said. "Now they're not going to just take the word. Now they say, ‘OK, know what? This guy can really play. We really need him.'"

U of L has been in the mix for several weeks thanks to assistant coach Mike Balado, who has connections to Delgado's camp in the Dominican Republic.

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