U of L checks out '16 guard from Canada

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jamal Murray is another top Canadian youngster the University of Louisville basketball staff spent a lot of time watching this week at the Nike Global Challenge this weekend in Washington, D.C. Murray answered questions for Cardinal Authority.

Canadian Jamal Murray was the MVP of the International Game at the Jordan Brand Classic in April and has performed at a high-level this spring and summer with CIA Bounce.

The 6-foot-4 Murray, a prospect from the Class of 2016, has started to gain some college interest. Among the schools tracking him at the Nike Global Challenge this weekend was the University of Louisville.

Murray said he wasn't too sure about the recruiting process and all of the schools involved, but he answered a few questions for Cardinal Authority:

Cardinal Authority: What offers do you have?

Murray: "I haven't looked into it. I think you'd have to talk to my dad or coach because I haven't been paying attention, just been focusing on basketball."

CA: What aspects of you game are you trying to improve?

Murray: "My physical play, getting bigger and more aggressive, speed, agility, stuff like that."

CA: How often are you in the gym?

Murray: "Well, it's more just at home, like lifting your own body weight and running hills and stuff like that."

CA: Do you see yourself making progress?

Murray: "Yeah, I do. I see my vertical has increased. I'm a better dunker now. So, I see the result, yeah."

CA: What's the strongest part of your game?

Murray: "My shooting ability and I think awareness."

CA: How do you describe yourself to someone who hasn't seen you play?

Murray: "All-around game. He plays all facets of the game and sees the floor."

CA: Do you know anything about Louisville?

Murray: "No, my dad's basically the one that takes care of all of that."

CA: Did you watch Louisville play?

Murray: "Oh yeah, yeah. I've seen them win the [national] championship and stuff like that, but I haven't talked to anybody. I watched them on TV and stuff."

CA: What did you think of the style or coach Pitino?

Murray: "I liked it. I think [they have] a great coach. I like the players they have. (Pitino) is a great coach. I think he knows what he's doing and he understands the game."

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