Bridgewater the center of attention at AAC

NEWPORT, R.I. – Teddy Bridgewater has been the center of attention this week, making the rounds at ESPN on Monday and attending American Athletic Conference Media Day on Tuesday. Cardinal Authority was there for the festivities.

As good as Teddy Bridgewater was on the football field as a sophomore, the University of Louisville quarterback wasn't too keen on interviews.

"That's just not me," Bridgewater said on Tuesday.

But this week, the junior Heisman Trophy campaign has been thrust into the media spotlight and from all indications hit a home run during his ESPN "Car Wash" on Monday and at American Athletic Conference media day on Tuesday.

"A year ago, I can't sit here and say I wanted to do it or would have done it," Bridgewater said of all the media obligations. "I'm just not the type of guy who wants to sit here and talk about myself when asked about myself.

"But I have accepted it because it comes with the role. I am just thankful for every experience or opportunity that I can get this year to tell either my story or to tell a story about the team."

U of L coach Charlie Strong said he was "very proud" of the way Bridgewater has handled himself in the spotlight but wasn't surprised he did so.

"He's done a great job," Strong said. "But we don't want him to overloaded and where he has everything coming at him. It's great that he has these opportunities but he also understands what's in front of him."

Bridgewater, who recently said he didn't want the school to do any type of Heisman campaign for him this season, has perhaps pulled off one of the best campaigns in recent memory - attention wise.

ESPN analyst Lee Corso told Cardinal Authority last week that Bridgewater's not wanting any Heisman campaign "was the best thing he could have done."

Then, Bridgewater hit it out of the park with the media this week.

On Monday, Bridgewater was in Bristol, Conn., for more than seven hours spending time with every media platform that ESPN has on its campus.

"I didn't really know what I was getting myself into," Bridgewater said of the ESPN day. "Sometimes you have to just going into something and do it."

Senior wide receiver Damian Copeland said he wasn't surprised Bridgewater had such a sensational week with the media because, "he's really relaxed with that kind of stuff now" and teammate Hakeem Smith agreed.

"He's a leader of this team," Smith said.

Added Preston Brown: "Teddy is not a senior leader but he's one of the guys that a lot of guys look up too."

Now, there are plenty more around the country who likely look up to Bridgewater, who said some of the younger kids in Miami think of him as a superhero because of his prowess on the field.

"I don't mind being a role model," he said. "I want to do anything I can to help people get to know about our team and this program."

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