Michael Dyer has 'fit in' with the Cardinals

With 10 practices in the books for the University of Louisville football team this fall, former Auburn running back Michael Dyer is fitting in. Cardinal Authority has an update on the standout running back who recently joined the team.

One of the biggest questions when former Auburn University running back Michael Dyer joined the University of Louisville football team less than two weeks ago was about how would he fit into the stable of running backs.

So far, so good according to running backs coach Kenny Carter.

With the Cardinals 10 practices into the fall camp, Carter said Dyer came into camp in good condition but he's still learning and getting better.

"He's been great," Carter said. "He came in as ready as you would expect somebody to be who hasn't played in a year and a half. He's trying to learn our system and is adapting to that right now."

Dyer, who ran for 1,000-plus yards two years in a row at Auburn and was the BCS National Championship MVP in 2011, joins the group of running backs with Senorise Perry, Dominique Brown, Corvin Lamb and Brandon Radcliff.

Carter said the staff made sure the current players knew what was expected of Dyer and what they had to do to help the newcomer.

"We addressed it straight on," Carter said. "He knew what to expected. I had a very in-depth conversation with all of the guys involved. He's embraced them and they have embraced him, so it's been good."

Brown, who was expected to be the starter, said the addition of Dyer has been "very motivating" and noted Dyer is also helping those who have been here before.

"He fits in great," Brown said. "He adds something that we've never had. For two years he was a 1,000-yard rusher. We're trying to get to where he once was. With the National Championship he played on the big stage, and he was the MVP. So he brings a lot of stuff like that."

Perry added that Dyer "we all got together and talked about the whole saga and he said he just wanted to come in and work."

So, as Perry put it the Cardinals welcomed Dyer "with open arms."

Carter said with the depth he has at running back that he's not fretting over naming a starter, noting all five "could be our guy at some point."

But the focus will likely stay on Dyer, who drew so much national attention when he arrived at U of L last week.

"He's a guy that's been a 2,000-yard rusher in arguably the best league in the country, and you can see that," Carter said. "You can see those flashes when he makes plays. But the beauty of it is he's got guys who can do those things with him, so it really pushes him to do even better."

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