Position series feature: Terrell Floyd

Cardinal Authority continues our position series features with a look at defensive back Terrell Floyd, who has made some big plays for the University of Louisville defense.

The University of Louisville football team has progressed each season on defense under head coach Charlie Strong, and they look to only do the same this year.

When defensive coordinator Vance Bedford was going through the roster during the team's recent media day, it was easy to notice the amount of depth that this team has on the defensive side of the ball. He gave all of the credit for that depth to recruiting.

"It starts with recruiting, you know Mike Giglio is our recruiting coordinator, and he has done a tremendous job in sending us out to evaluate guys," Bedford said."

This defense is has its vocal leaders, such as Preston Brown, Hakeem Smith, and Calvin Pryor. But one guy that has flown under the radar is Terrell Floyd.

A native of Fort Pierce, Fla., Floyd prefers to keep things low key, and lets his actions on the field do the talking for him.

Floyd described himself as one with a very laid back personality, and really isn't one to talk on or off the field. He prefers to listen to music and hang out with his fellow teammates.

Floyd enjoys competing against the Cardinals set of receivers, which is something that has only made him better as a player.

"To be honest there is no receiver on our schedule that compares to DeVante Parker," he said. "Going up against him every day, then when I get to game situations it makes it easier, because we have the best receiving core in our conference, and probably in the nation."

The junior accounted for three interceptions last season, and each of them was instrumental in Louisville winning games. The one that people recall was the first play in the Sugar Bowl that completely altered the momentum of the game. Another sealed the Cardinals victory at Rutgers. His first of the season secured Louisville's overtime win against rival Cincinnati.

Bedford has said that the defense will be more aggressive, and will be blitzing a lot more than they did last year. This is a style of play the Floyd is most certainly looking forward to this season.

"It means we will be going one on one, and for Coach Bedford to trust the corners that much feels good," he said.

Even with the success that Floyd experienced last season it still hasn't made him anymore talkative on the field or off. He truly is a living example of the old saying that "actions do speak louder than words." He is not one to trash talk his opponents, but he is one that is patient and takes his time during the game learning the opponent's tendencies before eventually striking with a big play.

Floyd has come a long way since his freshman year against North Carolina going up against the likes of Dwight Jones.

"The main difference with me is that I am just more confident in my abilities, and I am just a better all-around player," Floyd said. "I give a lot of credit to Coach Bedford, who in my opinion is the best defensive backs coach in the country."

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