Bridgewater says Cards 'ready' for Ohio U.

The University of Louisville football team ended fall camp on Saturday morning and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater met with the media and talked about the camp, the opening of the season and video games. Cardinal Authority was there has this report from the final practice of the fall camp.

With just eight days until the season-opener against Ohio University, the University of Louisville football team finished fall camp on Saturday.

And Heisman Trophy candidate Teddy Bridgewater said the Cardinals "got what we wanted" out of the camp.

Bridgewater met with the media after the final practice, which was conducted in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and in front of about 150 U of L football alums invited to the practice by coach Charlie Strong.

"It's a great feeling, camp is now over," Bridgewater said. "Now, we get to get into game-planning and get back at it.

"It was the hardest camp since I have been here. It's been a hard grind, very competitive at each and every position. We got what we wanted."

The Cardinals have Sunday off and will start preparing for the Bobcats on Monday but Bridgewater said the team is "ready" for the first game.

Bridgewater said he has "cheated" ahead and looked at Ohio, starting back in the spring and noted the Bobcats "are very athletic and play the run heavy."

While he hasn't seen much film on Ohio since camp started, Bridgewater noted he has played the Bobcats in NCAA College Football '14.

Bridgewater said U of L won the game and he had a big outing, going 25 of 27 passing for "about 300 yards and four touchdowns."

"Gerald Christian dropped one of my passes," Bridgewater said when asked about the two completions. "I can't remember who dropped the other, but Christian definitely dropped one."

Bridgewater said he doesn't think the Cardinals will throw it 27 times against the Bobcats but "we'll do whatever it takes."

"Whatever works, that's how I see it," Bridgewater said.

Bridgewater said he does believe the offense took some steps in the right direction during the preseason camp.

"It feels good because I feel like we were going against some of the best guys in the country every day," Bridgewater said. "Those guys have made us better each and every day (of camp). (The defense) has a lot of passion.

"Everyone on this team loves to compete, so us going against our defense and them going against us makes each one of us better."

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