Offense focusing on the "litte things"

University of Louisville offensive coordinator Shawn Watson is stressing improvement with the "little things" during game week preparation. The Cardinals host Ohio on Sunday at 3:30p.m.

With fall camp over, and with the kickoff of regular season football looming just days away for the University of Louisville, offensive coordinator Shawn Watson says that the focus of the offense has now shifted to fine-tuning.

"The guys have done a nice job. We're executing well," Watson said to the media following Tuesday evening's practice.

"We're not playing perfect ball right now," Watson added."I want it to be perfect, and we're not perfect, but the effort's outstanding. We're well-assigned, but our technique is what we need to clean up."

Focus on executing the finer details of the offense could be the key to big plays on Sunday.

"It's just the little things. It always is," Watson said. "The little things always make the big things happen."

Watson's desire for perfection is made evident in the way he publicly assesses the weak areas on an offense that features a handful of nationally-recognized playmakers. So, when he expresses comfortably with an offensive line that has experienced a fair share of shuffling parts this offseason, it may be enough to provide Cardinal fans a sigh of relief.

"I really like our starters," Watson said of the men who will be called upon to protect Teddy Bridgewater and provide holes for the team's stable of running backs.

"We've got guys like Ryan Mack coming along. Of course Chris Acosta has now become a starter and he's really improved."

Watson expressed excitement over the team's younger linemen as well.

"I like our younger players that we're developing," Watson said before dropping the names of freshmen Cameron Fraser and T.C. Klusman as underclass blockers that have stood out early.

Apart from the offense line, Watson is aware of the abundance of talent, speed and athleticism he has at his disposal in the skill positions, and says a big focus for the Cardinals as they face Ohio will be getting their playmakers "touches."

"I want to use all of our targets. I'm concerned with creating touches for the people who can make a difference in the game," Watson said.

"When I think of touches, I think of those guys having the ball, doing what they do best," Watson added.

Although he will admit that he aims to get the ball in the hands of his most explosive players, he is careful not to divulge too many specifics of what the Cardinals have planned for Sunday's season-opener.

When asked if he scripts plays for game day, Watson responds "Yes, I do," before trailing off with a sly grin. "But I'm not going to tell you what I do."

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