Pitino only test driving 'batmobile'

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino addressed the rumors last week that he purchased a $450,000 Japanese-made road car – a Lexus LFA. Pitino said he had the car for only about 30 minutes.

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino had the Internet and Twitter worlds abuzz last week when he was spotted in a Lexus LFA.

The two-seat car retails for around $450,000 and is billed as the most expensive Japanese-made road car in history.

Pitino said a business associate, Rick Avare, has a dealership in Lexington and asked him to test out the car to see if he like it. Pitino is part owner of the dealership.

"I told him to come and get it," Pitino said after 30 minutes.

"I was afraid of it," Pitino said of the car. "All of a sudden it takes off and you feel like you are in the bat mobile."

Pitino said he was surprised when his children were calling asking if he had purchased the car after seeing it on the Internet.

But the coach said there's "no way" he could drive it every day.

There's only about 500 of the Lexus LFA's in the world.

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