Pitino won't rush Kevin Ware back

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino addressed rumors about Kevin Ware's status on the team and updated the media on his injury and the recovery in a 35-minute press conference on his Hall of Fame induction on Monday.

University of Louisville junior guard Kevin Ware is still on track to make a return to action this season after suffering the gruesome broken leg in the NCAA Elite Eight contest against Duke in late March.

But U of L coach Rick Pitino said on Monday the staff will take their time before putting Ware back onto the court this coming season.

"It's going to be a while before he gets on the basketball court," Pitino said. "This is a very serious injury. We're going to take our time with him.

"I am not saying we are going to redshirt him, but we are going to take our time. He has to get his confidence back. He ask me the other day if I thought he should look at it on tape for the first time and I told him, ‘No reason too'."

Pitino confirmed that Ware is still "doing great," in his rehabilitation process, which had him already shooting baskets during the summer.

And then Pitino was questioned about recent Internet rumors that Ware had been either briefly kicked off the team or suspended.

"Kevin Ware was never suspended from our basketball team," Pitino said. "He was last year for the first couple of games and so was Chane Behanan. But Kevin is not suspended, Chane's not suspended, Mankok (Mathiang) is not suspended. Nobody is suspended from our basketball team.

"I've been having too much fun this summer to suspend anyone."

Pitino said despite the suspensions of Ware and Behanan early last season for rules violations, he's not one that likes to discipline that way.

"I see it all the time, not just with my players," Pitino said. "I am not a big believer in suspending people. I have always run people. Get them up early and run them is much better than suspending them and if you really want to hurt them, take away their phone. I remember doing that with Edgar (Sosa) and I thought he was going to transfer because we took his phone away."

Pitino said he can't fret over every rumor in cyberspace about his players, noting that "there's nobody in trouble right now."

"I don't know where it's coming from or what it's all about," Pitino said. "But it's not coming from us."

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