Three RBs still better than one at Louisville

The three-headed monster at running back is still in play as the University of Louisville football team heads into Thursday's game against Rutgers. But the Cardinals have tweaked the way they rotate the backs. Cardinal Authority checks in with running back coach Kenny Carter.

The University of Louisville has a good problem at running back, three different backs who are capable of carrying the load for the offense.

In the first few weeks of the season, U of L running backs coach Kenny Carter was rotating the players as he saw fit. Senorise Perry started against Ohio U. and Eastern Kentucky, while Michael Dyer started against Kentucky.

But now the staff has a different way of rotating the backs.

Carter said each of the three backs will be rotated by series. Last week in the win over Temple, Perry was in on the first series followed by Dyer on the second and then Brown. The backs rotated throughout the game.

"Shawn will call what he calls, no matter who is in the game in that series, and it will all work out," Carter said. "If you rotate the series and you are in there going at it, that takes out all of the ‘How many reps do I get' questions."

Carter said his three backs have been "so unbelievable" when it comes to understanding three is better than one at the position.

"They are finally to the point where it's not about them as individuals but it's about them as a group," Carter said. "It just takes time to get to that point. They are too that point now where they understand.

It's about the group but it's also competition. If one guy runs hard, the next guy gets in there and wants to do the same thing. Every place I have been we have had multiple guys – it's the way to do it. It's easier that way."

It's worked so far for the Cardinals.

Perry leads the attack this season with 54 carries for 298 yards and four touchdowns, while Brown has 39 carries for 250 yards and two TDs and Dyer has rushed 26 times for 205 yards and two more TDs.

"They fuel each other," Carter said.

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