Kevin Ware on rumors: "False accusations"

University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware, the center of the media attention since breaking his leg in the NCAA Tournament game against Duke, addressed summer rumors of his dismal from the team on Saturday during the Cardinals' media day. Cardinal Authority has the latest.

University of Louisville junior Kevin Ware was back home spending time with his mother when he heard the news.

Ware, who has been in the spotlight since breaking his leg against Duke in the NCAA Tournament last March, said his sister woke him up one morning.

"She said, ‘Did you get kicked off the team?'" Ware recalled. "I was like, what is she talking about. I had no idea what she was talking about.

"But that's as far as it went. All of that was just rumors. I'm here still."

The rumors of Ware being in trouble and kicked off – or suspended – from the team started circulating in late August. U of L coach Rick Pitino shot down those rumors during a news conference in early September.

"It was stupid but I kind of feel like I didn't have any say-so in it," Ware said. "(Pitino) addressed it right away and that was it.

"I was home with my mom and I didn't know what was going on. Coach called me and was telling me that I didn't have to say anything to anybody because it wasn't. They were all false accusations."

Ware said it's been a "crazy" time since he broke his leg and subsequently was at the center of the national media attention at the Final Four.

He noted there were other times when things were said or written about him in the media that might not have been totally accurate.

"Rumors and things," he said. "I kind of feel like rumors started with me after the whole TMZ thing. I just don't do interviews anymore without talking to Kenny Klein (U of L's Sports Information Director).

"It's messed up but unfortunately that's the world we live in where somebody can just make things up."

Pitino said last week that Ware is expected to be in uniform when the Cardinals' open the season against the College of Charleston on Nov. 9. Ware, who said he is "close" to being full go in practice, said he doesn't just want to dress.

"It's been my goal the whole time," Ware said. "I want to play in the opener."

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