Clint Hurtt apologetic and appreciative

On Tuesday, the NCAA Committee on Infractions handed out a show clause order against University of Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt for his actions while a member of the Miami Hurricanes staff. Hurtt spoke about that ruling and Tom Jurich's decision to allow him to remain on the Cardinals coaching staff.

Following nearly three years of investigative work, the NCAA Infractions Committee released their judgements on a number of violations committed by the University of Miami football program. Current University of Louisville assistant coach Clint Hurtt served as the Hurricanes recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach at the time and was a key figure in the violations.

On Tuesday morning, Hurtt was informed that he received a two-year show cause order by the NCAA for his direct involvement with a number of violations.

U of L has also taken action against Hurtt for his role, stripping of his positions as associate head coach and recruiting coordinator. Hurtt has been forbidden to participate in all recruiting efforts and he will not be allowed to resume doing so until June 9, 2014. Additionally, he will not receive a raise or any bonuses during the two-year show cause penalty.

Following the team's practice on Tuesday evening, Hurtt spoke for the first time about the situation, immediately apologizing to both school's affected by his actions. He was also quick to express his appreciation for the opportunity to remain apart of the U of L program.

"I apologize to the University of Miami for my involvement in this matter, obviously it's my alma mater and I love the university, and I always will," he said. "I apologize to the University of Louisville and our fans, and everyone that supports our program for the negative vibe that it has brought here. At the same time I'm very appreciative to Tom Jurich and Coach Strong, and President Ramsey for their unwavering support throughout this entire process. Although I'm not very happy about what the obvious outcome was, I do believe that you should always be held accountable for your actions.

Earlier in the afternoon, U of L Vice President and Director of Athletics Tom Jurich made the announcement that Hurtt would remain apart of the program, calling him a "model citizen" since he joined the Cardinals staff nearly four years ago.

"That feels great and you love the support," said Hurtt, who learned of his fate just prior to Jurich's news conference. "I don't believe some mistakes in life should judge any one man's character, no matter who it is. Everyone in life makes mistakes. As long as you're willing to own up to them and face the accountability that comes with it, then I think everyone should be forgiven and move on and have second opportunities. So, I definitely appreciate his support, and everyone's support that's here, its been unwavering, its been incredible and I appreciate it all. It's been a family and they've surrounded me and loved me through this entire situation and supported me. I'll be forever grateful."

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When discussing Tuesday's NCAA announcement with head coach Charlie Strong and Tom Jurich, he was prepared to resign if needed and had no indication what the U of L's decision pertaining to his future employment would be.

"I had no idea how Tom was going to respond," he explained. "He had been great through the entire process, but I'm the type of person that expects the worse case scenario, so I was prepared that if I needed to step down and resign, I was going to be fine with that."

Hurtt described the ruling as one that delivered both relief and disappointment. A portion of the NCAA ruling claimed that Hurtt wasn't completely truthful during the investigation process, something that he adamantly disagrees with.

"The last couple of years have been very stressful. Partly relief that it's over with, but the other side there's disappointment on the verdict of it because I know I was forthcoming, but they made a decision and I have to live with it.

"I went out and was truthful with what I said, but obviously there is some disagreement and that's fine, but I was truthful from the get-go. I didn't change my story.

"I knew I made mistakes and I wasn't trying to hide anything and was willing to live with any repercussion that comes of it. The decision that they made I have to respect, but it doesn't mean I have to like it, it doesn't mean I have to agree with it, but I accept all accountability for it because that's what I believe in and I was wrong when I made mistakes and I owned up to that."

Hurtt also admitted that he knowingly violated NCAA rules while at Miami.

"Particular situation here or there, yes. I admitted that I did so."

He added that he knew he was "not making very smart decisions" and that "its something that I've learned from and would never make those mistakes again."

Known for building strong relationships with players, both as recruits and members of the team, being unable to recruit brings disappointment.

"When you are able to help build the program and bring young men into the program, great young men and great families, that's the part I love because you get a chance to meet so many unique people and different families. I'll absolutely miss that part, but that's part of this."

For his current players, Hurtt said that the announcement "was a great relief" and was "a joyous occasion for both parties, for myself and the players."

Hurtt continually expressed his appreciation for the support shown U of L's athletic director, knowing that Jurich could have fired him at any time.

"You have a man with a great heart," he said. "He sees in me that I'm the best man for the job and that I bring a lot to the table. He sees that I can do a lot of great things and continue to build the program. I'm forever appreciative of his support. He definitely could have done that. He could have done it along time ago. I never took anything for granted during this entire situation."

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