Watson 'disappointed' with UConn win

University of Louisville offensive coordinator Shawn Watson looks back at the win over Connecticut and looks ahead for the Cardinals' offense.

The University of Louisville football team managed to leave Storrs, Conn. with a 31-10 victory over winless Connecticut last Friday night.

But the performance was less than pretty.

"We were all really disappointed (with the performance)," offensive coordinator Shawn Watson said after Tuesday's practice. "Both sides of the ball. Defensively, with the way they started, and then (offensively), with the way we finished."

In a game that featured a handful of dropped Teddy Bridgewater passes, and 101 yards worth of Cardinal penalties, Watson said that the biggest downer was the number of missed opportunities.

"We had, legitimately, ten drops on the field, and that's uncharacteristic of us," Watson said. "In that ten drops, that was another 203 yards just on the catch alone. That's not counting what would have happened afterwards."

"We had a chance to have a really big day and we kind of floundered our opportunities by not executing."

Even with the chances the Cardinals failed to take advantage of, Watson is happy with the positions the Cardinals put themselves in.

"We executed the game-plan really well. We got guys wide open, we just didn't finish. So that's a point of emphasis this week, because that's very uncharacteristic of our guys."

Of the dozen penalties, Watson says that most are "controllable," and are something that can easily be addressed through film.

Another sore spot for the Cardinals against UConn was their ineffectiveness in the run game. The Cardinals compiled just 81 yards on the ground against the Huskies, with an average of less that three yards per carry.

Still, Watson doesn't plan on abandoning the run any time soon.

"You just got to keep hammering it," Watson said. "We're pretty hard-headed. Especially on normal downs, we're going to run the football."

With temperatures in the 30s during the game, many would be quick to assume the weather had an impact on some of the Cards' struggles.

But with several weeks to go, and a night kickoff awaiting his team on Saturday night against Houston, Watson isn't ready to let cold weather be an excuse.

"(Playing in cold weather) is just a mind thing, it's just a toughness thing," Watson said. "You got to grow up and get over it. That's just the way it's going to be. You got to be tough-minded about that kind of thing."

The Cardinals will return home after two-consecutive road games when they kickoff at 7 p.m. in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium on Saturday night.

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