Chris Jones takes one title from Russ Smith

Here's a little Thanksgiving Day treat from Cardinal Authority. We asked each member of the University of Louisville basketball team who is the biggest goofball on the team this season. The consensus might surprise you, it's not Russ Smith. Kevin Ware calls it the "biggest upset" of the year - it's Chris Jones.

University of Louisville basketball star Russ Smith insists he has grown up and matured a lot since decided to come back to the team for his senior season.

Smith, always a character on and off the floor, told Cardinal Authority that he's changed his ways off the floor because he's "now just a working man."

"I am busy now," Smith said. "I don't have as much time to play."

And his teammates agree.

Cardinal Authority posed the question with each member of the U of L men's basketball roster of "Who is the team's biggest goofball?"

Smith would have likely been a unanimous pick until this season. Now, he's hardly mentioned as junior-college transfer Chris Jones was the run-away winner of the title as the biggest goofball on the Cardinals' team.

"Yeah, I guess I am more goofy than Russ now," Jones said with a smile.

Kevin Ware called it the "biggest upset" of the year but agrees with many of his teammates that Jones is that goofy guy on the team.

Here's what each player had to say:

RUSS SMITH: "Chane some but Chris by far. Chris is just in a good mood all the time. He's a ball of energy."

Wayne Blackshear: "Probably Chris Jones. Maybe. I'll give it to Chris Jones. He's just a silly dude. He plays all day long. He never, ever stops. At least Russ chills sometimes, but not Chris."

Chane Behanan: "Chris for sure. You just have to be around him. Russ has kind of matured up and Chris has taken his spot. You just have to be around, he always says something funny."

Akoy Agau: "Everybody on this team is a goofball. Russ is up there, Terry, Anton, Mangok. It's a total team effort."

Terry Rozier: "Definitely Chris Jones. Russ can be quiet some times, but Chris Jones doesn't shut up. But we need that character. He doesn't stop."

David Levitch: "I would say Chane or Chris. Chris is that guy."

Dillon Avare: "Chane and Trez together, that's a funny experience."

STEPHAN VAN TREESE: "It can be a toss up every other day. Russ is still the go-to, but Chris Jones is a really goofy guy. He's just a goofy little dude."

Tim Henderson: "There are a couple of them. Russ, Chris, Terry. Chris is always going. He's a big time character."

Mangok Mathiang: "I would say Chris. He loves to talk. I mean even if coach P is yelling at him, he's smiling. That's just who he is."

Luke Hancock: "It's Russ. Montrezl is up there and Terry is up there But it's Russ. Has to be Russ."

Anton Gill: "Chris because he never stops talking."

MONTREZL HARELL: "Wayne. He's always throwing jokes at people all the time. So, I think it's Wayne."

CHRIS JONES: "I really don't stop, 24-7. But life is too short. I just make sure they don't get mad if I am too goofy or play too much. I am just that way and always have been. I try and make everybody smile."

KEVIN WARE: "Chris Jones without a doubt. He beat out Russ. It's the biggest upset. He goes all day long, never stops."

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