Cardinals need to get 'a lot better'

LEXINGTON - Rick Pitino says Louisville has plenty of room to improve following 73-66 loss at Kentucky on Saturday afternoon.

The No. 6-ranked University of Louisville basketball team suffered their second loss of the season on Saturday afternoon, falling to No. 18 Kentucky in Lexington's Rupp Arena.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino was brief in speaking with the media after the game, but his message was clear- the team has plenty of room to improve going forward.

Although he addressed several areas that plagued the Cardinals, Pitino expressed the most concern for his front-court.

"Playing a couple of teams this year, from a physical standpoint we're just getting outplayed at the three, four, and five spot," Pitino said.

"Just getting taken on the backboard, taken on the fouling, we just have to improve on those areas."

The Cards were out-rebounded in the game 44-36, and Kentucky won the battle for points in the paint by 18, 42-24.

Louisville's premier post player, sophomore forward Montrezl Harrell, struggled in the game scoring six points and grabbing four rebounds in 21 minutes of play.

"I just think he has to pick up the technical aspects of his game," Pitino said of Harrell. "He's got to rebound the ball better.

"You can't rebound from backs, especially when you're playing against taller people. You've got to maneuver and you've got to be quicker than the other players."

Despite the tough 73-66 loss at the hands of a rival, Pitino remains focused on the future, and unwilling to make excuses.

"A loss is a loss," Pitino said with a shrug.

"I think we missed an opportunity to seize an opportunity. I just think we've got to get a lot better."

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