Grantham excited to lead Cardinal defense

Todd Grantham was officially introduced as the defensive coordinator on Bobby Petrino's. The former Georgia defensive coordinator said that the opportunity to join Petrino at Louisville was to great of an offer to pass up.

While it has been known for a few days, Todd Grantham was officially introduced as the Cardinals new defensive coordinator on Thursday morning at the Howard Schnellenberger Complex.

"To get a coach like Todd Grantham on our staff says a lot about our program," said Petrino.

Grantham comes to Louisville after spending four seasons serving as the defensive coordinator at Georgia, including two years as the associate head coach. During his tenure the Bulldogs advanced to four-consecutive bowls games and compiled a 36-18-1 record.

"I got a call last week about the opportunity to come here," Grantham said, running down a list of positives that the offer presented. "Of course they're transitioning into the ACC, I'd known about that, and the things that were happening. Coach Petrino is one of the best offensive minds in the game and obviously being that he was in the SEC, knowing his schemes and knowing what he'd done. When you look at the vision that this athletic department has had for this university and where they are going, that excited me.

"To be a part of Coach Petrino's staff and team up with him and what he does offensively and what we are going to defensively, I felt like it was an opportunity that I really couldn't pass up and that really got me excited, so I'm looking forward to doing some great things here."

Part of the discussion when the news first surfaced was why would a coach make the move from the SEC to an ACC program. The Virginia native pointed out the changing path to a national championship and to an evolving identity.

"I feel like I'm a pretty good vision guy," Grantham explained. "I feel like, part of coaching is a vision. The landscape of college football has changed, meaning that the way things are structured now is it's going to be a four playoff team system. The way you get into that playoff is to win a conference championship and a title. I'm here and I want to win a title."

Prior to coaching at Georgia, Grantham served as defensive line coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Following a season that saw the Cowboys win the NFC East and win a playoff game for the first time in a decade, Grantham made what some considered a surprise move.

"People were questioning why I did that," he said. "That was a chance to change an identity."

Now with a pair of SEC titles on his resume, Grantham continues to follow his vision.

"Coach Petrino is, as a head coach, he's involved in the offense and he's a very dynamic play-caller. A very dynamic offensive person and to able to team up with that was something that I felt was really to good to pass up. It really got down to that."

Grantham also has the opportunity to coach with his brother Tony, who will coach the inside linebackers and oversee special teams.

Tony comes to Louisville after spending the past six seasons at the Naval Academy.

"Tony is a great young coach," said head coach Bobby Petrino. "I like what he did at Navy and am excited for him to bring his knowledge and enthusiasm to Louisville. Tony is a great addition to our defensive staff."

His understanding of the 3-4 defense, which will be the new look for the Cardinals, is also a plus.

"He knows our system because they ran a 3-4 at Navy. He's an excellent coach. He's an extremely hard worker. He's a tireless recruiter. He's a guy that will put in the necessary work needed to win a title and those are the kind of people we want to be around. We look forward to having a great staff with the other guys that are here also, and really doing something that can be exciting as our journey into the ACC."

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