Atlanta DE Russell Ude talks Louisville offer

Atlanta (Ga.) Westminster defensive end Russell Ude's collection of scholarship offers has grown over 20, including a recent one from Louisville. Ude talks with Cardinal Authority about the Cardinals offer and more.

Atlanta (Ga.) Westminster defensive end Russell Ude is a popular person these days. The 6-foot-3, 245-pound prospect has received scholarship offers from programs in nearly every major conference, including at least a half dozen from the ACC.

"It's been crazy," said Ude, who holds 21 offers to date. "It is a really humbling experience."

The University of Louisville is among his most recent offers. Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham extended the Cardinals offer during a recent phone conversation.

"I was excited," Ude told Cardinal Authority. "It was something that I didn't know was coming, so it was pleasant surprise to say the least. I was really happy to have that.

I called Coach Grantham and spoke with him. When I called him he was actually in the process of evaluating some film and he told me to call him about an hour later. He told me that they watched my tape, that they really liked it a lot and they wanted to go ahead an extend an offer to me."

With no favorites at this time, Ude hopes to visit as many schools as he can during his off season.

He's taking a trip to Athens on Saturday to attend Georgia's Junior Day and has "tentatively" scheduled a visit at Alabama on March 1 and another at Clemson on March 8. He also hopes to visit Boston College, which was the first to offer, in the near future. He's also likely to check out Louisville during the spring or summer.

"I'm planning on making it around to a lot of visits before my season starts," he explained.

The purpose? Ude wants to learn not only more about the different football programs, but also, "academics, playing time, what's available to me with the alumni network and things like that."

While Ude is looking forward to learning more about the university, he is impressed by what he knows of the Cardinals football program.

"I know that they are switching to a 3-4 scheme," he said. "I know they are switching to the ACC from the AAC. I know that they've been real successful in past years and they are definitely a program that seems like they are only going to keep getting better."

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