Bridgewater draws the attention on Pro Day

With 29 NFL franchises represented, including multiple head coaches, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater participated in Louisville's Pro Day on Monday morning.

After choosing not to throw the football at the NFL's combine last month, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had his moment to throw in front of NFL scouts and personnel on Monday morning at the University of Louisville's Pro Day.

Held at the school's Trager Indoor Practice Facility, 29 NFL franchises were represented at the workouts, which included 14 additional Cardinals. The Miami, Pittsburgh and Washington were the only teams not present, while others were represented by multiple personnel . Six NFL head coaches and a number of General Managers and assistants, joined the dozens of scouts holding stop watches and taking notes throughout the morning.

Bridgewater made the news a couple hours before he even threw a single pass when he weighed in at 208 pounds. The lighter frame, which he credited to working out in the Florida sun and a loss of appetite due to a recent cold, is something that NFL teams will want to see a few more pounds added on.

"My sophomore I played at 222-pounds, so I just want to get back to that range," Bridgewater told reporters afterward his throwing session. "Maybe even with more if I'm comfortable with that weight, but right now I just think 220-225 pounds."

Projected as high as the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft, Bridgewater ran the 40-yard dash once, clocking in at 4.78. He spent the next few drills cheering on his former teammates before taking center stage.

"Coming into it I was relaxed," Bridgewater explained. "I woke this morning, looked in the mirror and said, 'let's go, it's go time.' There was no pressure added. No need to feel nervous because I'm confident in myself and confident in my wide receivers, tight ends and running backs, so it was just another day."

He would spent the next 45 minutes with all eyes, which also included ESPN and the NFL Network, squarely focused on him. Throwing without gloves, Bridgewater threw passes that were trademark Teddy – excellent release, perfect spiral and into the receivers hands in stride. However, he also overthrew a number of deep passes and had some wobbly tosses, as well.

As Bridgewater was making his rounds with the national networks, the buzz among those present was that it wasn't the type of outing that all had hoped for. Bridgewater, who said that he "did pretty good today," also admitted to not having his best outing.

"Me being a perfectionist, it was nowhere near where I wanted it to be," he said. "It's a learning process. I was able to take some things from those throws."

"I think I did pretty good today. I competed, threw the ball on time and in rhythm"

Despite the impression that his performance may have made today, Bridgewater's stock is likely to remain mostly unchanged. For the former record-setting Cardinal, the opinions of the countless commentators – good or bad – will have no effect on his approach to Draft Day and his NFL career.

"I just stay away from the negatives or the positives that are being said about me because you never want to get caught up and get to high or down on yourself when they are saying negative things about you. The best way to handle all that is to stay away from it."

A Miami native, there has been speculation of Bridgewater signing with a team in the Sunshine State, but Bridgewater says his dream is just to play in the NFL.

"That's always been a life-long dream of mine to be able to make it to the top level, which is the National Football League," he said when asked if he'd prefer to play in his home state. "I'm not going to say that I want to play here or play there, I just want the opportunity to showcase my talents and showcase the type of quarterback that I am.

As the start of the May draft nears, Bridgewater's focus on taking full advantage of the NFL opportunity and proving that he belongs once he arrives.

"I basically I told myself that whether I'm one or the last guy, I just want that opportunity. At the end of the day you still have to prove yourself. When I first announced my decision, yes, I wanted to be the number one guy, it was a childhood dream, but at the end of the day you just want the opportunity. I look at Russell Wilson. He's a guy that everyone passed up on and he just won a Super Bowl, so it's all about proving yourself once you get there."

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