Hoops Wrap-Up: Akoy Agau

Cardinal Authority hopes you enjoy our "Hoops Wrap-Up" series of stories, featuring a look at each player on the men and women's teams on the University of Louisville rosters. A look back at the season and forward to the future: Our first men's feature is on freshman Akoy Agau.

Akoy Agau

6-8, Fr., Forward

Omaha, Neb.

Averages: Agau saw limited time action in 19 games this season for the Cardinals, averaging just 5.0 minutes a game. He averaged 0.9 points, 1.1 rebounds and finished with a total of 17 points and 21 rebounds.

Overview: Akoy Agau knew it was going to be a tough transition to the college level, but said it was "a little tougher" than even he expected after averaging just five minutes a game for the Cardinals. Agau was an All-State player at Omaha Central for three seasons and was the only player in Nebraska history to make it to four straight state championship games. So it was tough for him not to be playing, but from all indications he has a talented skill set and made strides in practice as the season went along. U of L coach Rick Pitino had to use him in the season-ending loss to Kentucky at the end of the first half – because of foul trouble – and he was fine on the defensive end but still needs seasoning on defense.

Best game: Agau scored four in games against Houston and South Florida but his best game was against Missouri-Kansas City early in the season. He scored his first career basket in the game and had five rebounds and a blocked shot. He was playing late in a blowout game but was active and showed potential.

Projected future: There have been so many rumors and chatter of Agau leaving but he said he's focused on improving his game and if Montrezl Harrell does opt for the NBA "helping replace him." Agau has a good skill set but was just behind coming in because of his strength and quickness. It doesn't appear Agau is going anywhere, so he'll need to improve a lot this offseason.

Quotable: "It was pretty much a learning year for me," Agau said. "Montrezl Harrell is a very, very talented basketball player. I just had to learn a lot of things from him. He had the breakout towards the end of his freshman year. I just tried to learn from him the best that I could and stay focused. The only things I can control is getting in the gym and keep on improving and then when my opportunity does come – hopefully next year – be ready for it."

Bottom line: Believe in him or not as a fan, Agau will be a key player next season if he can improve his strength and defense in the offseason. He has the size to bang with the folks inside and he has the skill set to be effective for the Cardinals. He's one of those guys in two years that could be a pivotal or without any improvement will not see much time off the bench.

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