Keyshawn: 'Petrino will throw it all over'

Former NFL No. 1 draft pick and All-Pro wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson confirmed to Cardinal Authority that his son - Keyshawn Jr. - has picked up an offer from Louisville. The elder Johnson said the 2017 prospect will consider the Cardinals mainly because of new U of L coach Bobby Petrino and his staff. Cardinal Authority spoke with the elder Johnson.

Keyshawn Johnson Jr., is one of the hottest football prospects nationally in the Class of 2017 with 10 scholarship offers in two weeks.

The wide receiver from Mission Viejo, Calif., is the son of the former NFL top draft pick and All-Pro wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson Sr.

In an interview with Cardinal Authority on Wednesday night, the elder Johnson said U of L is one of the schools his son would "take a good, long look at," mainly because of new U of L coach Bobby Petrino and his staff.

Johnson didn't say it in his famous words, but a main reason was because of the offense that Petrino will run - throwing the damn ball.

"Bobby Petrino is going to throw the . . . . out of the ball," Johnson Sr., said. "Bobby Petrino is a good coach, I know he's had his ups and his downs but where's he going to go now? He's in it for the long haul at Louisville.

"He's not going back to the NFL and Louisville is a better situation now in the ACC. He's going to die at Louisville and he's going to throw the ball all over the place. I told Lamar (Thomas) as long as he's there, they will be an option, and like I said Petrino is not going anywhere.

"My son is a wide receiver and they're going to throw it like that, it's intriguing as a father. I know what Petrino can do."

The 6-foot-1, 180-pound Johnson Jr., also has offers from Ohio State, Florida State, SMU, Utah, Arizona State, Tennessee, Miami, West Virginia and UCLA. According to the Los Angeles Times, he didn't play varsity football last season for the Diablos. But he's playing on a 7-on-7 team called Team 19 that his father is helping coach.

"I think he's better than me at his age because I'm coaching him," Johnson Sr., said. "He goes to one of the top five schools in California and is playing against four and five-star guys.

"And my son has three years (of high school left). There are so many things he can do but he has three years to get better on everything."

The elder Johnson starred at USC and the Trojans are recruiting his son but said the youngster has told him he "wants to do his own thing." So, he's keeping an open mind.

Johnson Sr. finished his professional career with 814 receptions for 10,571 yards and 64 touchdowns. He said because of his background that his son is not overwhelmed by the attention.

"He's a California kid," the father laughed. "That kind of attention is every day. He walks out with me and the Paparazzi are right there. He's been through it with one of the most popular and controversial athletes of his time. So really it's nothing to him."

The elder Johnson said he has known Thomas, the wide receiver coach at U of L, "for some time" and also knows Terrell Buckley. He said U of L is a staff he feel comfortable with.

"I told Lamar a lot of times when they are recruiting guys this far (on the West Coast), they are chasing ghosts," he said. "But they know me and they know my situation. If they're still there in three years, (Louisville) is an option.

"Like I said, they're going to throw the . . . out of the ball there."

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