5 storylines for Louisville hoops recruiting

The final of three July evaluation periods for college basketball recruiting begins on Wednesday night at 5 p.m. Here are five storylines from Cardinal Authority to watch with the University of Louisville basketball recruiting.

Here are five storylines from Cardinal Authority to watch with the University of Louisville basketball recruiting.

The third evaluation period of the month begins on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

1. WHERE'S PITINO? It will be interesting to see where Louisville head coach Rick Pitino spends his time this week. The Cardinals have done some heavy lifting the past two weeks - and come up with two commitments - and are in good shape with several other prospects. Does he camp out with Antonio Blakeney, still the top target left? Or does he bounce around and check out others? It should be interesting and I am saying it will be the move to try and land Blakeney.

2. GUARD HEAVY NOW: With Deng Adel and Raymond Spalding both committed, the Cardinals will turn their attention to the guard position. The Cardinals are positioned well with seven and another - Tyler Dorsey - could bump U of L up this weekend if the Cardinals spent some time evaluating him in Las Vegas. It will be a lot of watching the guards play and see who can take their games up another notch.

3. A LITTLE BABYSITTING? Neither of the two commitments seems to be the type of player who needs to feel the love. But still the staff will do some babysitting this weekend, keeping up with Adel in Las Vegas and Spalding in Louisville. Both are solid on the commitments and there's likely nothing going to change their minds but the staff still has to do the little things to make sure they stay happy.

4. A NEW FACE OR TWO? Could this be the only week we don't see - or hear about - a new face on the '15 board. I would be surprised if anyone is added at this point in the process. The Cards have added and subtracted guys throughout the first two weeks and have a good workable list - and a list they believe they can finish the class with down the road. Perry Dozier was on the list but jumped way up last week, along with Donovan Mitchell. And Prince Ali was new two weeks ago and is now near the top. It could change - the order of how the staff views the players - this weekend but probably not.

5. A THIRD COMMITMENT? I guess it could happen. Two in two weeks, why not three in three? But this time around I would be surprised. Mitchell and Ali are visiting soon, Blakeney doesn't appear ready for a decision and the others are also still listing a bunch of schools. So, I would be surprised if we see a third commitment before the early part of fall.

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