Petrino, Schnelly, Oben speak at luncheon

University of Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino made an appearance at the Governor's Cup luncheon on Wednesday at Hurstbourne Country Club. Former U of L coach Howard Schnellenberger and ex-Card Roman Oben also made an appearance.

Three former University of Louisville football players were honored on Wednesday afternoon during the Governor's Cup luncheon at Hurstbourne Country Club.

Ex-Cardinals Larry Ball, Roman Oben and Chris Redman were honored during the event, which is sponsored by Kroger and benefits Dare to Care.

U of L coach Bobby Petrino made an appearance at the event and then met with the local media, while former U of L coach Howard Schnellenberger and Oben also chatted with the media.

Here are a few quotes from the media portion of the afternoon:


---"(ACC Kickoff) was a good day. It was fun to get out and talk about the University of Louisville and we truly are excited about joining the ACC. So, it was a great experience."

---"We have been able to be around our kids this summer, we have eight hours a week where the players can be required to lift weights and condition and two hours a week we can watch video and teach and that has been great. We gave them three weeks off when the coaches were off, the biggest thing has been not wearing them out. We'll have one more meeting with them and then basically let them get freshened up for the start of fall camp."

---"You always say all (of the positions) are up for grabs and we want to see everybody compete and all of the jobs open. There's going to be a number of spots where there is a lot of competition. We have guys competing. There will be a lot of competition and it will be fun."

---"(On attending event) I was invited to come and I told everybody I would. I think it's a great event. We have always had a great relationship with Kroger and it's just great to be here. It's fun to see a lot of the guys that I have known for a long time."


---"It's an honor to be a part of this event. To see coach Schnellenberger and everyone involved, raising money and helping those in need is always compelling to me."

---"I am always happy to come back home. I'm not from Louisville but I went to school here and this is where I became a man."

---"I like the game (UK-U of L) at the end of the year. One thing I hate about playing a game at the beginning of a season is everyone is even and you don't really know anything about them. AT the end of the season, it's who is healthy, who is playing the best and you have conference implications. It makes sens to have it at the end of the season."

---"We lost in '94 and I am still upset about that one. We won my senior year."


---"I don't think (the end of the season) is the best place to play (the UK-U of L game). . . . the closer to it is the beginning of the year the best chance you have to have a successful season. It also gives you a chance all summer to ballyhoo that game and talk about it."

---"The last game of the year, I don't know why you would want to play it there, that's meant for conference rivals."

---"(Louisville) has a good starting position with an opportunity to make the race, stay on the pace, close in the end and come out of there a winner. They have the man power, the know how and the experience to distinguish themselves this season."

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