Cards offense looks like coaches want

University of Louisville offensive coordinator Garrick McGee met with the media on Friday, giving an update on the progress of the offense. McGee said the offense is starting to look the way the U of L coaches want. The Cardinals will scrimmage at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

After more than a week of practice, University of Louisville offensive coordinator Garrick McGee said things are coming around for the offense.

The Cardinals used Friday morning practice to prepare for Saturday's scrimmage and will go one more time this evening.

McGee said the staff has been pleased with the progress of the Cardinals.

"This was the first day it started to look like our offense," McGee said. "The energy and the enthusiasm was there. There was more concentration than there had been in the past few days. Today resembled what we're looking for."

McGee said Will Gardner is making progress as the U of L starter and noted the staff isn't worried right now about who is No. 2. He said several players, including freshman Reggie Bonnafon, are competing for that spot.

"We don't know," he said. "We're just grinding away, making sure everybody's developing. You guys know that we do a young guys' session, just get those young guys out there, keeping them later out here, just to make sure at that position everybody's developing. That's how you keep your program stable - make sure you have multiple quarterbacks. We spend our time making sure everyone's developing."

McGee said Jake Smith has played both center and guard with Tobiah Hughley as the second center the staff and players are "very confident in," heading into the season.

Here are videos of McGee and wide receiver Michaelee Harris from Friday:

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