Jamon Brown living out his dream

University of Louisville senior Jamon Brown is slimmed down and living out his dream to play for Bobby Petrino. Cardinal Authority has a profile on one of the senior leaders on the offensive line - Fern Creek High School alum Jamon Brown.

Jamon Brown grew up watching the University of Louisville football team with Bobby Petrino as the coach. He was a huge fan.

"I used to watch them all the time," Brown, a graduate of Fern Creek High School recalls. "I always had the dream that I wanted to play for him sometime. I wanted to play for Petrino."

So, after Charlie Strong stepped down in January it was "going to happen," Brown thought. Petrino was the only name he wanted to hear.

"I just had this feeling," he said. "I knew when I heard his name mentioned that he was going to be the coach. I'm so happy."

Brown was so happy that he said he would do anything the coach told him in order to help out the team, including lose weight.

And the 6-foot-6, 325-pound Brown did that, losing around 20 pounds in the offseason. He said he feels "great" and can move better.

"We felt like for him to play four quarters at the highest level, we head to get his weight down," Petrino said. "And that took a commitment on his part. He was committed."

Brown said it wasn't as hard as he expected, changing his diet habits in order to drop the weight and making sure he stayed on track.

"Discipline," he said with a smile. "I just had to change the things I ate or the things I drink. Rather than have a Gatorade at 10:30, you have a flavored water or something like zero calories. Once I got used too it, it was easy. I just had to get into the routine."

Brown said "loves to eat" but had to make it where he would break his portions down a bit. He said all in all he feels like the dropped weight will make him a better player.

"I do feel different," Brown said. "It makes you feel better, move better and I do feel that change. It's going to be good for me going into the season and playing like this."

Brown has started 27 games for the Cardinals, including 19 in a row, but now has lost some weight and should be able to play a "better role," for the team, according to offensive line coach Chris Klenakis.

"In order to play at this level you have to be agile and have to go long sustained drives and this is going to help him," Klenakis said. "His lateral movement is better, his bend is better. It’s a fast game now and days of big 'ol guys plodding around out there are over.

"He did a great job getting to where he’s at. He’s moving better and bending better than he did any time in the spring."

Now, Brown gets to live out his dream.

"It's something I've always wanted to do, play for Bobby Petrino, and now I get the chance," Brown said. "I'd do anything to get on the field."

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