Video: Petrino previews Florida State game

University of Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino met with the media on Monday night in his weekly preview of this week's game. Petrino talked about the Cardinals' monster game on Thursday night against Florida State in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

Three days until kickoff for his team's biggest game of the season, University of Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino met with the media on Monday night after practice.

Petrino talked a wide array of topics. Here's a transcript of the first few questions and video of the entire interview:

Opening statement

“We're excited about the game. I'm happy with the way our players are preparing for it. We've had a couple of good practices this week. We did a good job Saturday morning when we came in and worked. So obviously they're excited about the game. It's something we're looking forward to, going out and performing and playing hard.”

What is Will Gardner's focus heading into the game:

“He just needs to focus on executing the offense, you know. I think he's done a real nice job in practice and in the meeting room, understanding what looks we expect to see. You know, you're always going to see something new as a quarterback, but we're working hard on the looks we're expecting to see. And he just needs to go in focused and go through his progressions and execute the offense. And he's very capable of doing that. He's got to do it consistently with all 11 guys, really.”

Is Gardner more consistent in practice:

“Yeah. He's had a good week at practice. He's snapping the ball and throwing well, so he's done a good job. You know, I think he's looked sharp here in the last couple of weeks...obviously it's fun to have DeVante [Parker] back out there. You know, I felt like coming out of the last game against North Carolina State, that was the closest we've looked to our do the things we like to do on our offense.”

Did the bye week help DeVante Parker:

“Yeah, he's looked really good yesterday and today...two weeks ago...going into the North Carolina State game, you saw glimpses of it and [thought], 'Okay, how much is he going to be able to go out there and how well is he going to perform?' Obviously he went way above our expectations in that game. But the last couple of days, he's really looked back to himself and really exploded after the catches, you know. It feels a lot better for him. You can see that, and he's also said that.”

Are James Quick and Lorenzo Mauldin healthy:

“They've all practiced the last two games, so we feel good about them both being out there ready to go.”

What's the game plan for Florida State:

“Well, you know, when you look at their offense, they're very balanced. They can run the ball, throw it, throw it deep. So obviously you first have to stop the run. The most important part of the defense is to stop the run and try to make them get behind the sticks. And then we're going to have to be able to tight coverage and rush the quarterback. He's a different guy to tackle and bring down, so we have to have discipline in our lanes [and] mix things up. That's our thing. We've been good at doing that. We've got to just go play our defense. That's the biggest thing.”

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