Pitino on Chris Jones: "It's very sad"

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino met with the media on Thursday night for about 20 minutes on the Chris Jones issue. Jones, the former U of L point guard, was charged with rape and sodomy after an incident Saturday night on campus.

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino called it "a very sad" day for him and his program following the arrest of former point guard Chris Jones.

Pitino met with the media for about 20 minutes and said he was answering "any questions that I am allowed" to answer on the situation.

News broke on Thursday morning that Jones was being charged with rape and sodomy after an incident Saturday night on campus.

Pitino said in his opening statement that he hadn't "slept a wink in 48 hours."

"I'm totally saddened, to the point of disbelief, over the incident," Pitino said. "We've built a very strong culture here of discipline and doing the right things, and I'm very proud of all the players who have gone through here and done the right thing, and this comes at a time when we're all shocked, extremely disheartened and very much saddened for everybody involved. Everybody involved. Our prayers go out to every, single person involved in all of this. We educate our players in every area.

At the beginning of the year I had a lawyer who deals with this all the time come in and speak to the team about every little pitfall that can happen to them. Nothing this extreme of course, but understanding that your life can be altered by not doing the right things. And I have to tell you I speak on it once or twice a week. Anytime there's anything in sports, even politics, I bring it up to our players and show them how lives can be ruined, politically, athletically, people from all walks of life. I probably speak on this subject, more than drugs and more than alcohol five times over.

So you can imagine how disheartened I am to see this happen. At this point I can't comment on anything that goes on. The judicial system takes over here.

Here's video of Pitino's comments:

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