Rowan and Louisville issue a 'non story'

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A story about Louisville target Maverick Rowan having a question about the Cardinals cut off by an AAU coach has been the hot topic on Saturday. Rowan's father and the AAU coaches clear the air with Cardinal Authority.

The story that has caught fire on the internet about Maverick Rowan and the University of Louisville since Friday night is "a non story," according to his father.

Rowan was being interviewed on Friday night after a game in the Nike EYBL at the KBA Academy in Lexington when a reporters question about Louisville was cut off by one of his E1T1 coaches, saying "no comment on Louisville."

Ron Rowan, the players father, said on Saturday afternoon that he didn't even know about the issue until earlier in the day and it was "no big deal."

The father said prior to playing with the team this weekend - the first time this spring he has played with E1T1 - the players were instructed by the AAU club not to answer specific questions about college when asked by reporters.

E1T1 has used that practice for several years.

Ron Rowan said the issue was no big deal and that his sons relationship with U of L and coach Rick Pitno was as good as ever. The kid said the issue was "nothing at all."

The 6-foot-6 Rowan is trying to reclassify into the Class of 2015 - from '16 - and has been a top target for the Cardinals for a long time.

E1T1 coach Edward "Boobie" Francis said the issue was "blown way out of proportion."

"The guy was asking him the same thing over and over," Francis said. "It wasn't specifically about the school, (the other coach) was saying no comment because it was the same question. It was like he was trying to pressure the kid into saying he was going to do it.

"I have not once talked to the kid or his father about Louisville or any other school. We're happy he's playing with us this weekend."

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