Other ex-Louisville guys sign contracts

DeVante Parker isn't the only former University of Louisville football player who has cashed in less than a week after the NFL Draft. Parker signed with the Miami Dolphins on Thursday, while former teammates Lorenzo Mauldin and B.J. Dubose also signed.

With 10 former University of Louisville players getting picked in last week's NFL Draft, the reports of signings will be coming at a rapid pace in the coming weeks.

DeVante Parker was the first picked and the first to sign, inking a four-year, $10.9 million contract with the Miami Dolphins on Thursday afternoon.

Now, there are reports of two other ex-U of L players signing.

Linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin has signed a four-year deal worth $2,954,016. He also signed for a signing bonus of more than $600,000 and will earn over $600,000 the first season.

Mauldin, the No. 82 pick by the New York Jets, has to make the team to get the contract but the signing bonus is guaranteed money.

B.J. Dubose has signed with the Minnesota Vikings, inking a four-year deal worth around $2.1 million. He has a guaranteed signing bonus of around $110,000.

Three former U of L players who signed free agent deals - Jake Smith (Bengals), Dominique Brown (Bucs) and Eli Rogers (Steelers) - have signed three-year deals. All three have to make the team but the deals are worth around $1.5 million each.

Cardinal Authority will keep you posted on other signings.

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