Louisville makes a mark in the weight room

Cardinal Authority is counting down the days until the University of Louisville football team starts the season on Sept. 5 against Auburn in the Chick-Fil-A Classic at the Georgia Dome. It's 77 days before the game and we look at the Louisville roster and what a difference a year in the weight room makes for the Cardinals.

University of Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino said coming out of spring practice that he felt like his team was "in much better shape" than it had been during the previous season.

Petrino lauded the U of L players for hard work in the weight room with strength coach Joe Miday and his staff.

"Now, our guys get to get back in the weight room and continue the hard work," Petrino said after the spring game. "You could tell this spring that a lot of guys had been working hard. There were a lot of changes in their bodies."

With the posting of the new U of L roster this week for the 2015 season, Cardinal Authority decided to compare the weights for each of the U of L players from last year's roster. And there were some major changes.

One important one is quarterback Reggie Bonnafon up six points to 209, while linebacker Stacy Thomas has lost 24 pounds and is listed at 225.

Two offensive linemen who sat out last season are going opposite ways with weight. Danny Burns has lost 36 pounds and checks in at 303, while Lukayas McNeil has gained 35 pounds and is now at 313.

Here are a few other noteworthy weight adjustments off the roster:

Quarterback Tyler Ferguson is down nine pounds to 217.

Quarterback Kyle Bolin is up five pounds to 208.

Wide receiver James Quick up six pounds to 191.

Wide receiver JaQuay Savage up 13 pounds to 214.

Cornerback Zykesis Cannon up 12 pounds to 195.

Safety Josh Harvey-Clemons up 18 pounds to 230.

Walk-on running back Malin Jones added 20 pounds and is at 225.

Linebacker Isaac Stewart lost 14 pounds to 236.

Fullback Lamar Atkins gained 18 pounds and is at 236.

Linebacker Keith Kelsey gained 11 pounds and is at 236.

Wide receiver Charles Standberry gained 10 pounds to 226.

Lineman Aaron Epps lost 11 pounds and is now 288.

Defensive tackle Kyle Shortridge gained 12 pounds and is at 305.

Linebacker Henry Famuerwa gained 13 pounds and is at 245.

Defensive tackle DeAngelo Brown has lost 11 pounds and is at 308.

Linebacker James Hearns lost 15 pounds and is at 257.

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