Louisville quarterbacks discuss competition

Offensive coordinator Garrick McGee and the five quarterbacks visited with the media on Tuesday

Another day of fall camp, another day for the Louisville quarterbacks to compete and catch the eye of their coach.

As was the case during spring practice, the quarterback rotation continues to be spread fairly evenly, with some adjustments on a daily basis.

"They are doing pretty good," said U of L offensive coordinator Garrick McGee. "They are grinding. They are definitely more developed. It's just about execution now. We expect a lot. We expect them to be perfect, especially with unforced errors. There's enough things happening out there, a lot of moving parts, but their own decisions about where to go to with the ball, what they see, what plays to go through, we don't expect any mistakes. We're really extreme when it comes to our expectations, but they are doing well."

The past two days, Reggie Bonnafon and Will Gardner have received the majority of the reps, followed by Kyle Bolin, Lamar Jackson and Tyler Ferguson.

During his pre-camp press conference, McGee mentioned that the players themselves will potentially decide the positions depth chart by their play and leadership. Just six days into camp and only twice in pads, McGee laughed when asked if a depth chart was beginning to form.

"I was waiting on how long it was going to take for someone to ask me about the depth chart," he said, with a laugh. "They're are just trying to get better, trying to grow."

Pushed further, he added, "they are all about even still."

Check out the videos below for their entire comments.

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