Game Week: Petrino press conference notebook

Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino discussed his team's opener against Auburn for more than 20 minutes on Monday afternoon. Here's a quick notebook.

University of Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino met with the media on Monday afternoon to kick off game week preparations.

Here's a quick notebook from the press conference:


The depth chart will be released on Tuesday, the same day as Auburn, but don't expect much of a hint at who the will the quarterback behind center when the Cardinals offense takes the field on Saturday afternoon.

“There will be some 'ors' in there, obviously at the quarterback spot and a couple of the offensive line spots where there's still competition really,” Petrino explained during his Monday afternoon press conference.

Petrino, who admitted that he “probably has a good idea” who the starting quarterback will be, also indicated that while the public may not know his decision until Saturday, the players will know before then.

He also made it clear that the chance of seeing multiple quarterbacks play in the opener against Auburn as high, saying, “there's a possibility we might play more than one, but you'd anticipate having one ready to go. But I wouldn't be surprised if we don't play more than one.”


The report on the progress of the offensive line with just days before the opener against Auburn may leave room for concern, as the competition at nearly each spot continued through Friday night's scrimmage.

“There has really been great competition and we have rotated a bunch of guys in on Friday night so they all got looks with the 1’s and worked hard with it,” Petrino said. “One of our tackle spots, Khalil Hunter and Geron Christian have been competing to see who is going to be the guy there. Pedro (Sibiea) has been playing both guard and center so we have to figure out what the best combination for us there. Kioloa (Mahoni) and Kenny Thomas and Skylar Lacy have been working really hard at one of the other guard spots and getting a lot of work. Then both (Aaron) Epps and Kelby Johnson have been rotating at tackles too.”

While the starting five have yet to be determined, Petrino is pleased with the depth.

“The thing I feel good about is overall our depth is much better, we just have to distinguish who is the best five and which spots.”

A lot of video

The Cardinals have been watching a lot of video in preparation for Auburn's defense.

The Tigers hired former Florida head coach Will Muschamp during the off season to handle the program's defensive coordinator responsibilities. Muschamp, who's Gators lost to Louisville 33-23 in the 2013 Sugar Bowl, will certainly adjust a Tigers defense that gave up nearly 400 yards per outing last season. To help plan for what to expect, the coaches have brought in more than the usual amount of video.

“[We're] watching two types of video, one from what they did at Florida and schematically what we think they're going to do,” said Petrino. “They're always going to do something different, so we're going to have to adjust quickly on the sideline during the game. And then watching the bowl game vs. Wisconsin, a couple other games from last year and their spring game working on how to understand their players, what their talent is on defense. So you have to watch twice as much video.”

Chucky Impressive

After missing a few days during the early stages of fall camp, safety Chucky Williams has proven to be a future play-maker at safety. The sophomore, who appeared in nine games last year, turned in another solid scrimmage over the weekend.

“Chucky Williams had a really nice scrimmage the other night, really did a nice job of recognizing routes and playing the ball in the air and came up with a couple of picks which was great to see. That is the one thing, the production we had from Holliman a year ago you say where is that going to come from, how are we going to get those turnovers and create those types of big plays on defense and to do that you have to catch the ball and that is what he did a great job of, he had great hands and he could play the ball in the air.”


With the exception of wide receiver Alphonso Carter, the Cardinals health report is positive.

“We're pretty healthy,” said Petrino.

Carter continues to struggle overcoming a hamstring injury.

“He was out there for a couple of days,” said Petrino. “He just has a hamstring issue he's been battling for years. We've been doing a lot of studies on it and trying to figure out, are his quads too strong, because he's a real physical guy. But he hasn't been able to get over that.”

Louisville struggled a bit with the injury bug during spring practice and into the first few days of fall camp, but all are reported to have returned to practice.

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